ISRO set to transfer ‘Shwaas’ technology to industries


The officials of VSSC had a video meeting of interested companies and explained about ‘Shwaas’ and its systems…reports Venkatachari Jagannathan

The Indian space agency will soon transfer the technology for making the ‘Shwaas’, the oxygen concentrator developed by it at a cost of about Rs 60,000 to industries, said a top official of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC).

On Friday officials of VSSC had a video meeting of interested companies and explained about ‘Shwaas’ and its systems.

“It was a first round meeting and about 50 industries participated. I had interacted with them. My team and I answered their queries,” S. Somanath, Director, VSSC told IANS.

“We are entering into an agreement with each of them who are meeting the criteria on technical capability. The technology sharing/transfer will take place in the next two days. The technology transfer will be free,” Somanath added.

According to him, medical equipment, space equipment, electronics and product manufacturing companies are selected now and more could be based on their credentials.

Somanath said VSSC spent about Rs 60,000 to build its prototype.

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“The cost can go down by 30 per cent if production is done on a large basis. All the components are currently available in India. Some items are imported by Indian companies but they can also be made here,” Somanath remarked.

Couple of days back, ISRO had announced its decision to transfer the technology to make portable medical oxygen concentrators developed by VSSC.

The medical oxygen concentrator ‘Shwaas’, can deliver an enriched level (over 95 per cent) of oxygen than in air to support patients with respiratory illness or who are on oxygen therapy.

The device enhances the oxygen gas content by selectively separating the nitrogen gas from ambient air through Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), ISRO said.

‘Shwaas’ is capable of supplying enriched oxygen continuously at 10 litres per minute (LPM) adequate for two patients at a time.

According to the ISRO, the 600 W device operates at a voltage of 220 V/50 Hz, has a controllable oxygen flow of 0.5-10 LPM, has two oxygen outlets, oxygen concentration of 82 per cent and 95 per cent normal at a pressure of 50-80 kPa.

‘Shwaas’ has an audible alarm for low purity, low & high levels of pressure and flow rate of oxygen. The device, which weighs 42-44 kg, is 600 mm high, 500 mm long and 400 mm wide and has a LCD display showing oxygen concentration, flow rate, and pressure.

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