MP shocker: Patients treated in fields


Hospitals are overwhelmed with Covid patients and no beds are available in Madhya pradesh…reports Asian Lite News

 In a shocking sight from Madhya Pradesh, patients in its Agar Malwa district were seen being treated in fields with IV fluid bottles dangling from tree branches.

The increasing number of Covid patients in the district has put a lot of pressure on health care system. Hospitals are overwhelmed with Covid patients and no beds are available. In such a situation, doctors are forced to treat patients whereever they get space.

While the corona epidemic wreaks havoc, a large number of patients in the rural areas are suffering from common cold, cough but are not getting tested for Covid. They are not even ready to go to the district headquarters for treatment. In such a situation, doctors and quacks working in rural areas have found novel ways to treat patients and earn whatever they could.

: Madhya Pradesh shocker: Patients in fields, IV bottles hang from trees
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In the rural areas of Agar Malwa district, patients are being treated in fields with glucose bottles hanging from tree branches, in complete disregard of medical rules. The agricultural fields look like hospital beds and trees have become glucose bottle stands.

Health Officer Manish Kuril says that the action will be taken against doctors who are treating the patients like this.

Tweeting a video of patients being treated in fields, Congress spokesperson Syed Jaffer said: “Agar Malwa is a district which has been under the charge of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for a long time. Now look at the pictures, what has he done for this district? Life is hanging through tree. How bad can it get? The condition has deriorated so much in 16 years. Now it is time for your government to hang up. Believe me.”

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