MQM founder pledges to free Sindh from Pakistan


Further slamming the Pakistan army, he said that every country in the world has an army but the army has a country, i.e, Pakistan…reports Asian Lite News

Founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain has said it is his mission to free Sindh province from Pakistan at any cost.

“We’ll achieve our target at any cost even if people stay away and don’t join our struggle,” he said. He expressed these views in a video address to a gathering in the UK on the occasion of his 68th birthday.

He said what he wants from Pakistan is nothing but freedom. Hussain said that though there is a civilian government in Pakistan the fact is that the whole of Pakistan is under the control of the army.

Further slamming the Pakistan army, he said that every country in the world has an army but the army has a country, i.e, Pakistan.

“Pakistan’s army calls me a traitor to the country. I am raising awareness against the military occupation of the country. I am not a traitor, I am a rebel and I want to liberate my motherland Sindh from the control of the army. I have stood firm against the military occupation from day one and will stand firm till the end,” he said.

During the speech, the MQM leader reiterated that he wants freedom from Pakistan.

“I will stand firm against the occupation of the army till the end,” he said.

He paid tribute to the workers, youth, elders, mothers, sisters and children who celebrated his birthday all over the world including Pakistan.

Meanwhile, he concluded his speech with the slogans: Freedom, freedom, freedom.

Farmers protest in Sindh

A large number of farmers on Saturday staged a protest march against the acute shortage of water at Dadu district located in Pakistan’s Sindh province, local media reported.

“A large number of growers staged a march on Saturday to record protest against acute shortage of water at tail-end areas of Johi branch (channel) caused by the “unabated theft of water” by influential political personalities of the area,” Dawn reported.

The marchers led by Abdul Latif Jamali, Mehar Gadehi, Sikandar Jamali and others arrived at Dadu Press Club where they staged a demonstration while raising slogans against irrigation department officials and elected representatives.

The protesters’ leaders complained that political bigwigs of the area were stealing water unabatedly at the head of Johi branch, which had led to acute shortage of water at the tail-end of the branch, a Pakistani publication reported.

They said that 125,000 acres had turned barren in Johi taluka due to persistent water shortage, caused by the unfair distribution of the scarce commodity. Besides, residents of 300 villages were facing problems getting drinking water, Dawn reported.

It further reported that the protestors demanded the federal government deploy Rangers along the branch to stop the menace of water theft.

Earlier experts had also warned that famine-like situations may arise in Pakistan due to the scarcity of water across the country if the issue is not resolved timely. (ANI)

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