Pak-Taliban ties: Afghan activist warns of risks worse than 9/11


The Afghan woman activist, Khalida Nawabi blamed Pakistan for taking away the rights of Afghan women and girls by supporting the Taliban….reports Asian Lite News

A leading woman activist from Afghanistan has lambasted Pakistan for its proxy war in Afghanistan and sought the world’s help to stop its interference in Afghanistan affairs for regional peace and tranquillity.

The activist, Khalida Nawabi, even alerted the world powers that if Pakistan’s sponsorship of the Taliban will not be stopped there will be consequences worse than 9/11.

Khalida with other Afghan women and child rights’ activists participated in a roundtable discussion on “Save Afghan Girls” on the ‘International Day of the Girl Child’ in Virginia. Pakistan and the Taliban were held squarely responsible for the pitiful condition of women.

“October 11 (International Day of Girl Child) was celebrated in Afghanistan for years but not this year. This right has been taken away by the Taliban that is sponsored and supported by Pakistan and its ISI,” Khalida said.

The Afghan woman activist blamed Pakistan for taking away the rights of Afghan women and girls by supporting the Taliban. She said, “Of course, they (Pakistan) want every right to be exercised in their own country, but they don’t want this right of women going to school, to go to work and take part in any social activity that is banned by Taliban in Afghanistan”.

Khalida Nawabi said, “Who the Taliban are taking orders from is, of course, Pakistan, its Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), who promote them to let our Afghanistan reach such a situation, to ban women, to stop the women and to put them in a dark future and put our generations in dark so that they can rule over us, but they will not rule over us. No country in the world has the courage to rule over us. We will fight, we will resist and kick them out from the region”.

The Afghan women rights activist sought world support for regional peace. Khalida said, “Please support us to this resistance to stop this proxy war supported and sponsored by Pakistan’s ISI. Otherwise, this Pakistan will destroy the peace of the region and the world will see the consequences worse than 9/11 and I confirm that and you will see. Wait and watch!”

The Taliban has imposed many restrictions on women. Millions of teenage girls across Afghanistan still wait to return to school, while the Taliban allowed boys to attend classes.

The move has raised concerns about the future of female education under the Taliban, who have pledged to uphold the rights of girls and women in the country when they took over power in August.

The Taliban’s recent incidents of anti-women activities and their long history of violence and cruel acts against women show probably a grim and ghastly future of women in Afghanistan. (ANI)

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