‘Russia might be weaker than it seems’


The US President is all set to meet Putin on June 16 in Geneva….reports Asian Lite News

Three days before the US-Russia Summit, President Joe Biden said that “autocrat” Vladimir Putin was right to say that relations were at their lowest point in years, media reported.

He also suggested that Russia might be weaker than it seemed and that Moscow had overreached in the Middle East, it was reported.

During the G7 summit in UK, Biden said that the world’s richest democracies now faced an existential contest with “autocrats” that would define the 21st Century, according to reports.

Biden was quoted as saying: “Autocrats have enormous power and they don’t have to answer to a public and the fact is that it may very well be if I respond in kind, as I will, that it doesn’t dissuade him – he wants to keep going.”

Russian President Vladmir Putin
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The US President is all set to meet Putin on June 16 in Geneva.

According to reports, the meeting is expected to be a combative encounter after disputes over spying, hacking, election meddling, Ukraine, Belarus and human rights.

On Sunday, Putin said that the two countries need to engage in a constructive dialogue and establish mechanisms for interaction as there are areas in which Moscow and Washington can cooperate.

“[We need] to restore our personal contacts, relations, establish a direct dialogue, create really functioning mechanisms of interaction,” Putin said in an interview broadcast by the Smotrim.ru media outlet.

The president noted that the US side is well aware that there are a number of areas that are of mutual interest, such as strategic stability, regional conflicts, environmental protection measures, and climate.

“There are areas in which we can really work effectively,” Putin added

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