TROIKA PLUS: Qureshi Defends Stance on Taliban


Qureshi also claimed that Troika Plus has a critical role in consolidating peace in Afghanistan amid economic challenges…reports Asian Lite News

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that the engagement with the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) government must continue in order to help consolidate peace and stability, Ariana News reported.

Addressing a Troika Plus meeting in Islamabad on Thursday on the crisis in Afghanistan, Qureshi said currently the group of four nations, US, China, Russia, and Pakistan, has assumed greater significance and has a critical role to play.

Pic credits Twitter @SMQureshiPTI

According to him, the Troika Plus is confident that their engagement with the IEA government will “help consolidate peace and stability, promote sustainable economic development, and help constrict space for terrorist groups” operating in Afghanistan, the report said.

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“No one wishes to see a relapse into civil war; no one wants an economic collapse that will spur instability; everyone wants terrorist elements that are operating inside Afghanistan to be tackled effectively. And we all want to prevent a new refugee crisis,” he said, adding that all regional countries have concerns and a shared interest in the country’s peace and stability.

He noted that the country’s economic situation was on the verge of collapse and that it is imperative that the international community provide urgent humanitarian assistance to Afghans.

He also said, “health, education and municipal services require urgent attention”.

Enabling Afghanistan to access its frozen funds will link in with the Troika Plus’ ‘efforts to regenerate economic activities and move the economy towards stability and sustainability’.

The group previously met in Qatar in August to discuss political solutions to the conflict during the IEA’s takeover of Afghanistan, the report added.

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