Art of thoughtful gifting

Make Easter more eco-friendly! Dig into the reusable Swedish Easter eggs that can be filled with what you like…reports Asian Lite International.
Art of thoughtful gifting
Creativity into next step

Lockdown was probably the most creative time, which people ever spent in their lifetime. Some started new home-centered businesses and others monetized their creativity.

This is also a successful story of three women entrepreneurs and their love for thoughtful, sustainable Scandinavian gifts. With nothing but facetime and Zoom to connect them to their motherland, Annica Wainwright, Jessica Dahlin, and Linda Nordlund who have lived in the UK for many began getting nostalgic. With lockdowns in place their yearning to go home only grew stronger.

Art of thoughtful gifting
Story of three women entrepreneurs

“When it became clear that we won’t be able to travel in spring, we began missing our Easter Eggs desperately. So we made a decision: If we couldn’t get to the eggs, we would bring the eggs to England. A few phone calls later, the first pallets of Easter Eggs set sail, Annica got to work on words, Jessica researched on sustainable packaging and Linda sorted artwork from her kitchen studio in Stockholm.”

The trio soon launched Brand Gåva, a design-led gift company, to showcase the Scandinavian art of thoughtful and sustainable gifting. For the three, who work in hospitality, the lockdown helped them envision their dreams.

Art of thoughtful gifting

These handmade, reusable Easter Eggs can be filled with what you like to. Just like Christmas stockings, they can be taken out and refilled every year.

The eggs are available in various sizes and designs (including a DIY egg), Swedish Easter Eggs are designed to hold any number of thoughtful surprises, from homemade treats and experience vouchers to jewelry, toys, or simply better-quality chocolate than the Easter eggs from the neighborhood supermarket.

Art of thoughtful gifting

The options to personalise these eggs with stylishly wrapping them with some homemade treats can be a perfect treat for neighbors, colleagues, and family. It can also help children to make giveaways mindfully. Whether you buy yourself an Easter egg or use them to share thoughtful gifts, you will help reduce plastic waste, not just for this Easter, but also for many to come.

Art of thoughtful gifting

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