Emaan Aslam scripts history on Kashmir roads


26 years old Emaan Aslam took up the challenge and it finally ended up in setting up a driving school…reports Asian Lite News

There is no written rule that only men can run a driving school. This is a story of hardwork and courage overcoming such unwritten rules. A story of a woman from Kashmir who battled community prejudices and opposition from family and is on-route to become first female driving instructor.

Emaan Aslam turned to driving since 11th standard. One day her friend insisted to help her learn to drive because her friend’s father was ill and her family was reluctant to allow her to learn driving from a male driving instructor.

26 years old Emaan Aslam had taken up the challenge and it finally ended up in setting up a driving school, RisingKashmir reported.

“I had to struggle a lot to start it. The registration for the driving school took almost a year. I had to visit various departments for the registration process,” RisingKashmir quoted Emaan as saying.

According to the RisingKashmir reports, she was working as a gym trainer just before she opened a driving school. As a gym trainer she was emotionally attached to her clients and leaving that job was not easy for her at that time.

Though she had no previous teaching experience, but on the persistence of her friend, she was convinced about starting a driving school named “Steer We Go”.

Her friend was her first client in her newly established driving school and Iman claims to have taught at least 300 people till now.

“I teach females above 18 years of age. Some of my clients are even nearing their 60s. I teach from 6am to 7:30 pm. It is a 19 day course which include 3 days classes and 15-day driving lessons on road,” she was quoted by Rising Kashmir.

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