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Wellness is no longer considered a concept for the old. Centres are witnessing a growth in younger audiences for preventive healthcare…reports Asian Lite News

Consumer desire for wellness-focused vacations is on the rise, as seen in 2023’s wellness trends. The demand for domestic travel has increased by 50 per cent, according to CGH Earth Wellness Centers. Since before the pandemic, foreign visitors from regions like Russia and Europe have remained devoted customers.

Consumer insights, both from CGH’s diverse customer base and research, highlight the following big trends in the $1.5 trillion global wellness industry.

Restorative Travel and Healing Holidays

Prevention is better than cure couldn’t ring truer. Rather than having to go for curative spells at a hospital, more and more people are turning towards traditional, holistic health. Classical Kerala Ayurveda & Prakruti Chikitsa – Indian Naturopathy has proven to have produced great results with regards to lifestyle disorders and other long-term health conditions.

Wellness is no longer considered a concept for the old. Centres are witnessing a growth in younger audiences for preventive healthcare.

Having seen an older generation who have had to be on lifelong medication for their lifestyle disorders, the young are now turning towards Naturopathy & Ayurveda as a means to prevent going down the same road. One is seeing a big change in the mindset of the younger generation who are emphasizing on clean eating, fitness and leading a more mindful existence. They are opting for wellness based getaways and self-healing journeys. Preventive health programs which are transformative are popular with the young-set. Curative programmes are more for the older generation and are typically need based. Gen Z is now looking for a drug-free, non-invasive approach to leading a more healthy and balanced life.

Renewed interest in Ayurveda post pandemic

The Kerala Ayurveda philosophy has been accepted worldwide for its immense benefits and the science and methodology of treatments. The Panchakarma treatment course that involves 21 days has helped people change their lives. Society, now at large is realizing the need for the responsibility of taking their health into their own hands, by tapping into India’s ancient wisdom of medicine that is globally revered and respected.

Solo Travel for Wellness

People are increasingly choosing Solo travel which helps them go through self-healing and a holistic transformational process. Being able to re-connect with nature helps solo visitors rebalance their lives and be in sync with their mind, body and soul. Solo Travel enables people to set themselves on the right path to healthy living.

Investing time and money to travel for well-being

People are willing to allocate one break in the year completely dedicated to their wellbeing. They are also willing to spend more, if it means better year -round health and a more positive state of mind. From a traditional mind-set of pushing wellness to a later date, and a need-to-do basis, one is seeing a more proactive and a must-do approach.

Wellness: One Of The Top Travel Trends in 2023.(photo:IANSLIFE)

Serene Healing Spaces are lending to the increase in wellness breaks

To be able to address one’s health but not feel like a patient in the traditional sense seems to be what is resonating with a vast number of people, especially those who have understood the importance of preventive healthcare and those addressing the onset of lifestyle disorders. Keeping one’s mind happy during a treatment course has been talked about in modern medicine as well, and healing spaces have become an important role in achieving a positive state of mind.

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