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Switzerland has moderate temperatures throughout the year. In the winters, the lowest is -2 C and the highest goes to 28 C during the summer months…writes N. LOTHUNGBENI HUMTSOE

Switzerland is on the wish list of most global citizens, sometimes for months and years! So, when you do finally get the chance to travel to the land of your dreams, are you prepared enough? Here are 10 things you should tick off on your travel list before you head out for your vacation:

1. Direct Flights by SWISS

Delhi and Mumbai travelers can book direct flights with Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS). You get your first taste of the Swiss experience mid-air being pampered with chocolates by an ever-smiling crew.

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2. Swiss Travel Pass

Switzerland’s public transport system is one of the most efficient and seamless experiences in the world. Buy a Swiss Travel Pass (STS) online and travel across over 90 towns and cities in premium panoramic trains with one single ticket! With an STS, you have access to the local buses, cabs, boats, cable cars, and trains, all connecting you to different parts of the country.

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3. Essentials

Switzerland has moderate temperatures throughout the year. In the winters, the lowest is -2 C and the highest goes to 28 C during the summer months. Pack accordingly. Sturdy sneakers, trekking boots if you’re into adventure, sunscreen, swimming essentials, sea shoes as the lakes are full of pebbles, an umbrella and lastly, a socket converter are some essential items you should carry with you.

4. Punctuality

Switzerland is known for its timekeeping for a reason! They value time and hate being late. No surprise that some of the best watchmakers in the world come from this country. When you travel there, you’ll see everything runs like clockwork, be it their public transport or their meetings. So, keep a watch on your watch when you’re there or you’ll have missed plans.

5. When to visit

The answer is anytime! Switzerland is ready when you’re ready. If you’re a winter person and love snow, mid-December to mid-March is perfect for skiing, snow-tubing, snowshoeing, etc. Autumn from September to November is beautiful with its mists, changing colours of foliage, and stunning walking tours. Summer from May through September is the perfect time for outdoor activities with clear blue skies and pleasant weather when you can go hiking, biking, paragliding, boating, etc.

6. Language

Most locals are fluent in English but you should know that Switzerland has four national languages – French, German, Italian, and Romansh. You’ll hear these spoken in different regions as you travel across the length and breadth of the country.

7. Must visit locations

The options are endless because everywhere you turn in Switzerland, you’ll see something spectacular. There is something for everyone in this country. A few experiences, however, will take your breath away. Take the view from the Matterhorn in Zermatt which is the world’s most photographed mountain. Zurich’s nightlife, Lucerne’s old-town fairytale vibe, a sunset walk across Montreux Riviera, panoramic views of the perfect powder-snow Alps of Engelberg, an adrenaline rush in Interlaken – Europe’s adventure capital or a splurging spree in the luxurious resort town of St. Moritz – you cannot miss out on these!

8. Swiss Food

The local Rosti, Cheese Fondue, Raclette, wine, and chocolates are must-haves, of course, but if your palate hasn’t taken a fancy to the local food, worry not. There is a multitude of cuisines available such as German, French, Italian, Chinese, and even Indian, to name a few. There are street food, vegan and vegetarian choices, and several fine dining Michelin Star restaurants to choose from.

9. Water

Fun fact – tap water tastes a lot better than most bottled water! It is a lot cheaper too! Carry a glass or steel bottle with you wherever you go, and refill it from anywhere when you’re on the move. You don’t want to spend on bottled water.

10. Activities

Foodies can experience several local and global cuisines. Adventure lovers can trek through some of the most idyllic trails or choose any one of the 199,872 cycling routes. Sports/history buffs can visit world-renowned museums like the FIFA museum in Zurich, The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, the Swiss Museum of transport in Lucerne, or the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. Wellness enthusiasts will find some of the best spas offering treatments from across the world. When you soak in all these experiences surrounded by the fresh mountain air, you know you’ve lived your Swiss dream right!

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