Congress to face repercussions also in Kerala


The first hurdle to cross in Kerala in the wake of the near washout in the current round of Assembly polls is that the party will have to clear a nominee for the one Rajya Sabha seat…reports Asian Lite News

With the Assembly poll results in five states on Thursday giving nothing for the Congress to cheer about as it lost Punjab, while failing to make headway in the other four, it does not also portend well for the party’s faction-ridden Kerala unit.

In the Kerala unit, ever since the 2021 Assembly poll reversal, it was the party high command, especially senior leader Rahul Gandhi, along with his now close aide K.C. Venugopal, calling the shots, and this had ruffled seasoned veterans like Oommen Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala.

The high command, perhaps for the first time, decided to ignore veterans and brought in K. Sudhakaran as the new state chief and V.D. Satheesan as Leader of Opposition and since then, affairs in the party have not been smooth.

The first hurdle to cross in Kerala in the wake of the near washout in the current round of Assembly polls is that the party will have to clear a nominee for the one Rajya Sabha seat which it can win out of the three to which polls, if required, will be held on March 31.

“That could be a problem because there are quite a good number of senior leaders hoping against hope and are looking forward to the lone seat. In the bargain, the high command will be able to please just one leader and those who are left out will certainly be displeased. Another issue which is on the cards is the revamp of the district level office bearers and here too, with factional feuds also in the air, it could lead to washing dirty linen in public and a free for all,” a political commentator, who did not want to be identified, said.

Pinarayi Vijayan

Surendran slams Vijayan

With the resounding poll victory of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, at least now Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan should stop criticising the former, said Kerala BJP President K. Surendran.

“People saw what Vijayan was saying against Yogi and even went to the extent of advising him that Uttar Pradesh must adopt the ‘Kerala model’. Now we (BJP) will say Kerala should adopt the Uttar Pradesh model as the so-called Kerala model has been rejected by the people there,” Surendran added.

During the election campaign in Uttar Pradesh, a political war of words had broken out between the two Chief Ministers.

According to a video, Yogi told the people that their vote will decide the future of Uttar Pradesh.

The Uttar Pradesh CM said the state could soon become a “Kashmir, Bengal or Kerala” if the people repeat the mistake of not electing the BJP government back to power..

“Many good things have taken place in five years. Vote cautiously or the work done in the past five years will be ruined. Uttar Pradesh could become Kashmir, Kerala and Bengal. This is a time for taking major decisions,” Adityanath added.

The Kerala Chief Minister retorted to Yogi and wrote on his Twitter account, “If Uttar Pradesh turns into Kerala as @myogiadityanath fears, it will enjoy the best education, health services, social welfare, living standards and create a harmonious society in which people won’t be killed in the name of religion and caste. That’s what the people of Uttar Pradesh would want.”

Slamming the Congress and its former President Rahul Gandhi, the Kerala BJP President said the Congress is on the verge of being routed from the country and now Gandhi can only dream of becoming the Prime Minister of Wayanad.

“The election results show the people of all five states have voted for Narendra Modi and the way he is charting the growth trajectory of the country,” Surendran added.

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