Make up yourself for the big day in Monsoon


The product is a light weight gel-based formula that perfectly moisturises dry skin. It also gives the skin a smooth and non-sticky finish, as well as a long-lasting fresh rose aroma…writes Mausam Gandhi

Every girl has a million wedding fantasies, but a bride-to-be, faces more difficulties during the monsoon season than during other seasons. Because of the moisture and humidity in the air, a monsoon bride must consider a few additional wedding beauty dos and don’ts. Here are ten makeup items to round out your look:


Primer after moisturiser is essential during the monsoon because the skin becomes sticky. A primer mattifies it and protects it from humidity. Smashbox has excellent primers made of gel. With a velvety smooth texture, it does not tint the skin because it is a clear gel-based. When you apply it to your skin, it softens and smooths it immediately. It also conceals fine wrinkles and skin flaws, making for an excellent makeup canvas. Everything else you put on top is flawless.

Waterproof products

This is critical; all products should be waterproof in order to last a long time. It also won’t budge because it’s designed to stay out longer, regardless of the temperature.

Long stay matte lipstick

When it’s not winter, a matte lipstick looks better. If your skin appears shiny, the lip balances your appearance. Maybelline has some nice colours. The lipstick is easy to apply; it glides smoothly across the lips without tugging or straining. It has a smooth texture. Because it has a true matte finish, it isn’t too drying on the lips. However, it appears quite matte when applied, but it does not leave your lips feeling dehydrated.

Setting spray

A setting spray is required. It holds everything in place and softens anything that appears overdone. I’m a big fan of the Mac Fix+ setting spray. The MAC Fix+ spray is a hydrating/refreshing mist that refreshes and cools your skin. By providing an instant dose of hydration, it can help to refresh and complete your makeup.

Powder sunscreen

To avoid tanning and to keep your look in place, touch up with sunscreen loose powder rather than regular powder. Lakme Rose Powder is a great powdered sunscreen. This powder contains rose extracts, which help to refresh your skin. It contains sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. It also makes your skin look smooth and glowing.

Gel moisturiser

Given the weather, a cream one might be too thick. Gel lipsticks are thinner and do not appear oily.

One of the best gel-based moisturisers is Vaseline Rose Water Moisturizing Body Gel.

The product is a light weight gel-based formula that perfectly moisturises dry skin. It also gives the skin a smooth and non-sticky finish, as well as a long-lasting fresh rose aroma.

A pop of colour

Perhaps a coloured liner for your daytime event would be the ideal pre-wedding look. Lakme makes a darling pink pencil liner.

Cream blush

For a monsoon wedding, I love a pop of blush on the cheeks and nose. It gives the brides a vibrant and fresh appearance. Nudestix has an amazing selection of shades for Indian skin tones.

Aloe Vera gel

I’m loving the new Instagram trend of applying aloe vera to the front of the hair to keep flyaways at bay. Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E is extremely beneficial to your skin and hair. It penetrates the skin and scalp, nourishing and moisturising it from the inside out.

Both aloe vera and vitamin E have antibacterial properties that aid in the prevention of itchy scalp and irritated skin.

A body highlighter

This complements any makeup look. After the body has been moisturised and highlighted with some soft shimmer, it feels complete. I recommend that you use LA Girl Shimmer Spray. This ultra-fine mist, ideal for use on the face and body, helps your makeup last all day while adding a natural shine to your skin.

Monsoon weddings can be a lot of fun if you don’t mind the humidity. Indoor weddings are particularly beautiful during the rainy season. And monsoon brides, especially those who nail their makeup, look ethereal! So, if you’re a monsoon bride, keep these professional makeup tips in mind!

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