Blue Ocean announces internships vertical ‘Interns-Hub’


Blue Ocean Corporation recently announced the launch of its internships vertical ‘Interns-Hub’, consolidating the entire gamut of its career development initiatives in the professional training and hiring space…reports Asian Lite News

Currently, Interns – Hub will be offering internship opportunities to students in the Hospitality, Aviation and Business Management sectors, in global locations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius and Thailand. Students can either enroll individually or apply through university-Interns-Hub partnership programmes.

“With the global economy signalling an impressive recovery, companies are back to active hiring.  Internships are now a guaranteed win-win situations for students. Interns-Hub is a strategic investment that holds a great positive future for students, universities and business groups. Plus, it complements all our other wings beautifully,” said Dr. Sathya Menon, CEO of Blue Ocean Corporation.

Summer internships are of great advantage to a student’s career. A Bloomberg report stated that there had been an all-time high of internship applications between 2021 and 2022. Other researches showed that in 2020 when the pandemic crisis was at its peak, there was a 35% rise in the number of students seeking internships. The hired fresher category included an estimated 65% of students, who had one or more internship experiences listed in their resumes. Given the multiple benefits internships offer, there is clearly an increasing awareness and rise in competition for internships among students.

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Evaluating its tagline ‘Crafting Careers Together’, Interns-Hub marks a crucial step toward Blue Ocean’s vision to support the professional and personal development of the student community, as well as to aid organizational needs by connecting them with well-trained interns.

Blue Ocean Corporation’s Chairman Mr. Abdul Azeez said, “True learning comes from doing things and not merely from knowing things. Training the mind is extremely important, and that is what Interns – Hub is all about. It is in tune with our other verticals, and together the joint support will render nothing but the best.”