Saudi foundation prepares 200 students for US varsities


They also receive individual counseling sessions to plan for their academic development, and support to write their resumes…reports Asian Lite News

The King Abdulaziz and His Companions’ Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity, also known as Mawhiba, has launched its second training workshop this year to prepare 200 secondary school students for admission to top US universities.

The seven-day workshop is part of Mawhiba’s Excellence Program to help outstanding students, of both genders, enroll at leading tertiary institutions in America. The students will receive career guidance counseling and intensive courses on academic writing.

Mawhiba’s Acting Secretary-General Dr. Amal Al-Hazzaa said the country’s leaders want to ensure that talented and skilled people are prepared to take up positions in various critical sectors of the economy.

“The leadership strongly believes the youth can overcome challenges and make the future. They can also enhance the Kingdom’s position among the countries of the developed world in various fields,” she said.

Al-Hazzaa urged students to continue working hard so that they can be excellent ambassadors for the country at the prestigious universities they will attend.

She stressed that the students would assist in transforming the nation into a knowledge society and achieving the goals of Vision 2030.

The Excellence Program lasts for one year, starting from the second semester of grade 11.

Al-Hazzaa said that 700 citizens have already completed the program.

“Some of these students have graduated from these universities and are now working in important positions locally and internationally. Some others are still receiving their education,” she said.

Students of the Excellence Program receive several benefits, the most important of which are intensive training workshops for the SAT examination, a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the US.

They also receive individual counseling sessions to plan for their academic development, and support to write their resumes.

The program also focuses on developing the students’ leadership and entrepreneurial skills. This includes advice on which projects to undertake so that they can stand out in the highly competitive application process, which normally sees hundreds of thousands of applicants from around the world.

The program was launched in 2015 with support provided virtually and in person.

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