US seeks to cause tensions in Middle East by spreading Iranophobia


The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has dismissed the US President’s recent claims over Iran’s nuclear activity as a “failed policy of promoting Iranophobia,” which seeks to cause tensions and crises in the region…reports Asian Lite News

Joe Biden’s anti-Iran remarks, which were made during his Middle East visit, are “part of Washington’s policy of inciting sedition and fomenting tensions in the region,” Nasser Kanaani said on Sunday.

Citing the American dark record and history of hostility toward other countries, Kanaani added that the US invaded and occupied a number of regional countries and has sold numerous weapons, as well as constantly interfering in regional states’ internal affairs, Xinhua news agency reported.

The Iranian spokesman reaffirmed Iran’s strategic policy of seeking to use nuclear technology only for peaceful purposes within the framework of the international rules and regulations, saying Iran is committed to the continuation of the talks on the removal of the sanctions and revival of a 2015 nuclear deal.

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He stressed Iran’s principled and constructive policy of welcoming dialogue with neighbours and regional initiatives, expressing hope that “regional governments are expected to take constructive steps in favour of collective security, peace, stability and development”.

The US pledged not to allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon even at the cost of using “all elements of its national power,” affirming its commitment to work together with other partners “to confront Iran’s aggression and destabilising activities,” Biden said in a US-Israel joint declaration in Jerusalem on Thursday.

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