‘Hezbollah can produce precision missiles, drones’


Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that for the first time, the Lebanon-based group has the ability to turn thousands of rockets into precision missiles and produce drones inside the country…reports Asian Lite News

“We have been producing drones in Lebanon for a long time, and whoever wants to buy them, submit an order,” Xinhua news agency quoted Nasrallah as saying in a televised speech on Wednesday.

Iranian experts helped Hezbollah to transform rockets into precision missiles, Nasrallah said, adding that his group has also increased its anti-drone capabilities which led to a decline in Israeli drone overflights.

Earlier this month, Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz had signed an administrative order to seize the assets of three Lebanese companies that allegedly supplied materials to Hezbollah on manufacturing precision missiles.

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Meanwhile, Gantz vowed to continue offering humanitarian assistance to Lebanese citizens while acting resolutely in the face of the Iranian precision missile project operating from the heart of the nation.