Thatcher’s statue pelted with eggs hours after installation


Her statue in Grantham lies between 19th-century MP Frederick James Tollemache and another of Sir Isaac Newton…reports Asian Lite News

A statue of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher which was erected in her hometown of Grantham was pelted with eggs hours after it was installed.

Moments after it was installed a protester organized an ‘egg-throwing contest’ on Facebook and according to UK-based news outlets, followed through with his threat as he threw several eggs at the statue. Only one egg hit the statue.

The statue designed by sculptor Douglas Jennings shows the former Conservative Party leader wearing a Baronial Gown of Kesteven and wearing the chain of the Order of the Garter, news agency iNews said in a report.

Her statue in Grantham lies between 19th-century MP Frederick James Tollemache and another of Sir Isaac Newton.

Following the news of eggs being pelted on her statue, the Grantham Community Heritage Association (GCHA) said that despite erecting her statue, ‘the full spectrum of views exist in Grantham about the legacy of Margaret Thatcher and an exhibition inside the museum illustrates this’.

Despite being known as a charismatic leader, opinions vary regarding Margaret Thatcher, the UK’s first female prime minister.

Margaret Thatcher was known famously for leading England against Argentina in the Falklands War.

Even though the UK emerged victorious during the Falklands War, the UK youth at that time did not approve of Thatcher’s military action.

Also some in England see Thatcher as a savior of the UK economy as she brought new laws which helped the UK public to navigate through the economic downturn brought forth by the Labor Party who preceded her.

But in some parts of England and Scotland, people dislike Thatcher because she closed down coal mines, broke the miners strikes and put people out of their jobs.

Thatcher introduced a poll tax which was a form of council tax and levied taxes on all people at the same rate regardless of their income.

This was hugely unpopular and is believed to have led the fall of Thatcher.

She is also controversial for allowing the privatization of several state-run companies. Several statues of famous UK politicians, including former prime minister Winston Churchill, were vandalised earlier.

Another statue of Margaret Thatcher was vandalised in 1998 when theatre producer Paul Kelleher decapitated her marble statue intended to be installed in the Member’s Lobby of the House of Commons after her death.

Later in 2007 another statue was installed and during its installation Thatcher was present. “This time I hope the head will stay on,” Thatcher quipped during the unveiling ceremony, news agency The National reported.

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