TLUK’s Women’s Day celebrations


Telugu Ladies in UK group has marked the International Women’s Day recently at Blue Room Sports Venue, Harrow. More than 150 ladies have attended from in and around London, and as further afield from Midlands.

The five-hour program included games, competitions, ice breakers, songs, dance, DJ, and cake-cutting. Several have met each other for the first time, although were connected on Facebook before.

The occasion poised festive atmosphere and assumed vibrancy with the décor done by Nekkanti Sahithi and Mounika Chowdary. Cakes were made by Chaitanya Rani Adudodla and Anusha Kiran. Kala Jyothi Ganga gave return gifts to all attendees following the Indian tradition of Tamboolam, and Jyothy Balusu from Coventry brought home-made Pootharekulu, a typical traditional Telugu sweet.

Telugu Ladies Group at Women’s Day celebrations

Even small things such as naming the tables by popular Telugu serials have made all relate and connect with yesteryears and stay in India. Anchoring was done by Lakshmi Chirumamilla, Sree Charani, and Suvarchala Madireddy. Renditions by famous singer Swathi Reddy were alluring.

Founder of TLUK Sridevi Meenavalli says “I am very glad to see Telugu Ladies in UK group come a long way in 10 years’ time. It is a pleasure to have organised this women’s day event which served multiple contexts, the most important being a face-to-face get-together after the Covid restrictions are lifted, in addition to being the 10th anniversary year. Thanks to all the supporters, attendees, and sponsors, the event brought all of us together and was most enjoyable”

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