UK, Ukrainian envoys in India pay tribute to lives lost in Ukraine


Ukraine’s Ambassador to India Igor Polikha said that situation in Ukraine is very difficult and the fight is going on in many areas…reports Asian Lite News

British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis and Ukraine Ambassador to India Igor Polikha on Sunday paid tribute to people who have lost their lives in Ukraine at the Embassy of Ukraine in New Delhi.

Ellis condemned Russian military operations in Ukraine and said, “British Government condemns the unjustifiable military invasion. The UK is supporting Ukraine with military support, sanctions, putting diplomatic pressure to make Russia step back from this step of reintroducing war in Europe.”

He said that what is going on is a full-scale invasion of democracy by its neighbour (Russia). It is totally unjustifiable.

“It is calamitous from the humanitarian point of view. Look at thousands of Indian students who are caught in conflict. The hundreds of thousands of people who are displaced, thousands of people who are dying and for what? For nothing. Maybe, what it is for is because Russian President Vladimir Putin fears what Ukraine aspires to which is openness, freedom, democracy and opportunity,” said the British High Commissioner to India.

He said that the UK is working together with all countries to put maximum possible pressure on President Putin and those around him to stop this “mad invasion.”

“We cannot allow militaristic autocracy to succeed in the 21st century. There is a huge amount of stake for Ukraine, the world as a whole because if we allow autocracies to invade other countries, we are in a serious situation across the world,” said Ellis.

Regarding British help in the evacuation of Indian citizens from Ukraine, he said that 1000 UK troops have been deployed and they are giving every type of humanitarian assistance for the safety and security of Indian and other foreign nationals.  

Talking about reports on talks between Russia and Ukraine, the British High Commissioner said, “We always seek peace, but, it has to be one which pushes back President Putin for military adventurism. Ukraine is a sovereign, democratic and independent country. Russia has blown a hole in the basic principles of the UN Charter. India and we must preserve UN Charter of basic principles.”

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Ambassador to India Igor Polikha said that situation in Ukraine is very difficult and the fight is going on in many areas.

“Unfortunately, the amount of casualties among the civil population is growing every hour. You could see some pictures there. It’s the least of destroyed residential houses. We just took some photos,” said Polikha.

Regarding misinformation on the number of casualties, Ukraine’s Ambassador said that some foreign embassies are repeating that it’s an absolutely peaceful operation, no civilians or residential are struck.

Sharing his personal experience, he said, “Recently, my daughter told me that some missiles hit houses, residential buildings, just 400 metres from our home. In another case, we made some footage today from Sumy in north-eastern Ukraine, approximately 60 kilometres from the border. We were contacted today by our close relatives, they told that missile hit the house of neighbour which was absolutely destroyed, people died, there is a fire in this residential area. These are only two cases which me and my wife faced personally.”

“Yesterday, in the evening we launched the ceremony of the commemoration of the victims of this brutal war. Unfortunately, among them, there is a growing amount of children. We are ready to hold this commemoration ceremony every evening till the end of the war. I am trying to be optimistic that it will not last long and at last the peace will prevail,” he added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 21 signed a decree recognizing the independence of breakaway regions Donetsk and Luhansk.

In the early hours of February 24, Russia launched a special military operation in the Donbas region of Ukraine after the recognition of Ukraine’s breakaway regions – Donetsk and Luhansk – as independent identities.

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