Kabul woman teaches street children for free amid restrictions


The children said they have a great desire for education and want a brighter future. Over 30 students participate in the classes….reports Asian Lite News

Amid the Taliban restrictions on education, a Kabul woman, Soda Najhand is providing free education classes for children working as street vendors.

Najhand, a high school graduate, said that children are taught for at least three hours a day in one of the Kabul parks, reported Tolo News.

“I started teaching them Dari first–to teach them how to read–and then step by step I started teaching them math and the Quran. They (students) are now even excited to learn English,” Najhand said.

The children said they have a great desire for education and want a brighter future. Over 30 students participate in the classes.

“These children were first begging but I encouraged them to work and stop begging. Then I encouraged them to study. I think offering motivation is one of the best things to do at the moment,” Najhand said.

Many of these children are engaged in hazardous work and have been deprived of an education due to economic challenges, reported Tolo News.

Shikib, 7, one of the students who also polishes shoes said, “I have learned how to read. Before I didn’t know anything, but I know it now,” he said.

The students said that they are unable to pay for the private educational centers to continue their lessons, and therefore, they are participating in these classes, reported Tolo News.

Afghanistan has repeatedly been ranked among the top worst countries for children. The decades-long conflict has affected Afghan children.

Save the Children said in a recent report that due to severe poverty gripping Afghanistan, one-fifth of the families have been obliged to send their children to work.

Moreover, in the six months since the fall of the previous government, the Taliban is yet to reopen schools and universities.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai (XinhuaJiang ChaoIANS)

Karzai renews call

Former Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday said that the return of the girls to school and the access of women to work is the demand of the Afghan nation itself.

Karzai made the remarks in an interview with France 24 and suggested that all girls “must definitely” return back to schools even if the international community doesn’t push this matter, as it is “absolutely” necessary for the well-being of Afghanistan, reported Tolo News.

On the issue of international recognition to the Taliban government – Islamic Emirate, he said there are some initial steps needed to be taken at the national level to pave the way for recognition.

“On the issue of recognition by the international community, my proposal has been from the very beginning this–that we the Afghan people need to put our own house in order first,” he said.

“The first responsibility comes to the current government–to the Taliban government–to make sure that all Afghans from all walks of life–from all the Afghan people–are addressed, brought together, and the future of the country (is) discussed…. The decision is made through the will of the Afghan people. The expression of that will is necessary then definitely recognition will follow,” Karzai said.

The former Afghan president who remained in power from 2001 until 2014 called on US President Joe Biden to mull over the decision on Afghan assets frozen in US banks, reported Tolo News.

Biden last Friday signed an executive order to split the USD 7 billion Afghan assets into two parts. Half of the assets would flow to the Afghan humanitarian outreach effort, and another half would be in reserve as compensation for the victims of the 9/11 attack. (ANI)

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