Pak Troll Army Renews Attack on India


Thousands of Twitter accounts operating from Pakistan turn any issue against India into an international issue within a few hours. Further, these accounts from Pakistan are not only in the name of Pakistani users but are also with foreign names … A special report by Parul Tewari

Pakistan has launched a proxy war against India for the last several decades. Moreover, after the humiliating defeat in the last four wars, Pakistan no longer tries to confront India directly. But, sometimes it conducts attacks by sending terrorists from across the border and sometimes tries to harm India’s internal security through its henchmen. But, now it has begun a new front against India. In which it is trying to tarnish the image of India in front of the world. For this, it is using Twitter extensively. Pakistan has set up a massive troll army on Twitter.

And, this army becomes active as soon as any issue against India comes to the fore. Thousands of Twitter accounts operating from Pakistan turn any issue against India into an international issue within a few hours. Further, these accounts from Pakistan are not only in the name of Pakistani users but are also with foreign names.

Due to this, it appears that voices are being raised against India from other countries as well. We are going to disclose some of these Twitter accounts. Although these accounts are Pakistani these accounts appear to be Chinese, Russian, Turkish, American, etc. by username.

This entire propaganda of Pakistan is based on China’s Little Pink Army or Internet Water Army. About what we have already covered in our very recent report- Chinese social media influencers are targeting foreign countries. In that report, we have disclosed how China is hiring accounts against India and America and is targeting social media influencers of these countries. On the other hand, Pakistan is trying to malign India’s image by creating fake accounts in the names of social media influencers from China, Turkey, and America.

Liza Wang

This account was created in August 2019. The old username of this account is @Maleehaaa__. Whereas the user ID of this account is 116604561615757312. This account is a Pakistani account. However, it is Operated under the name of Chinese user Liza Wang with the aim of misleading people. Moreover, the account describes itself as a journalist and a column writer. Further, looking at the wall of this account, we can see that this account not only spreads anti-India propaganda but also promotes the Gwadar project under the ambitious China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Furthermore, this account had tweeted many anti-India tweets regarding the ongoing hijab controversy in Karnataka.

Word cloud

The word cloud of this account contains words that were mostly used in this account’s tweets. The maximum number of words used include ” Pakistan”, ” China”, ” Pakistani”.

The engagement timeline shows the period in which this account was most active. If we look at the full timeline, we can see that tweets were made from this account in April 2021. The timeline graph shows that the maximum tweets were made from April 2021- to April 2022. If we take a closer look at the monthly timeline, we can see that the account engagement was very high in October 2021.

The pie-chart of types of the post shows that the tweets were made in a larger proportion as compared to re-tweets and replies.


The most frequently used hashtag is #Pakistan. After that are # cpec , # gwadar , #beautiful Pakistan, #china, etc..

User Mention

The users who were mostly mentioned by this account were @ Gwadar_Pro, followed by @ jawad_raza_khan, @ ImranKhanPTI Are included.

Josie William

This account was created in June 2021. The old username for this is account @ PapaPrinces4 ( Hira Yusuf). Whereas the user ID of this account is 1400120091664998400. This account is also actually the account of a Pakistani user. This account has been created in the name of a travel blogger to deceive people. Most of the tweets made from this account are related to the Gwadar project. Along with this, this account also promotes Pakistan Tourism. Apart from this, this account has also tweeted anti-India tweets related to the hijab controversy


This Russian account was Created in March 2020. This account has changed its username to @786_chacha. Moreover, the user ID of this account is 124595544516460545 Is. This account is also operated in Pakistan. Michail Boris has reportedly been promoted as a political and defense analyst. This account often targets Indian Social Influencers. Moreover, this account had targeted former Indian cricketer and BJP MP Gautam Gambhir over India’s purchase of Rafale fighter jets from France. Gautam Gambhir, while posting the picture of Rafael, wrote that The Big Birds are finally here! To which this account tweeted that “Be careful not to send this to Pakistan otherwise Pakistani pilots easily know how to hunt big birds. There is a message for big birds is to stay in their nests and be safe. ”

Quoting this tweet, Pakistan’s alleged media outlet ’24 Digital’ also ran news against Gautam Gambhir. It was titled as Russian journalist shoots down Gambhir’s Big Birds euphoria

Although this account is now suspended and is now running under the new username of @786_chacha.This account is said to be operating from Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. Only a few tweets have been made from this account. But, these tweets are related to the internal issues of India. For example, farmers’ movement, etc. Apart from this, another account is also running in the name of @ MechailBoriss. All the tweets of this account are also in support of Pakistan.

Nian Zhen

This Chinese account was Created in July 2017. The username of this account is ASIFCHEEMA4444. And, the user ID of this account is 880880489694998528. This account is also Pakistani. But this account now associates itself with the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR). The tweets of this account are in support of China and mostly against India.

After the removal of Article 370, this account @ ASIFCHEEMA4444, had also tweeted against musician Javed Akhtar on the issue of Kashmir. Times of India has quoted in its news related to the statement of Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra on the Kashmir issue.

Apart from this, fake Twitter accounts have been created in the name of some Turkish actors. These accounts are indulged in anti-India propaganda. Like – @ EnginAltanDuz, _, @handeesubasii, and @ozget is 0 rer, etc. _ All these accounts are of the characters of the famous Turkish drama series Diriliş: Ertuğrul और Kuruluş: Osman. These series are being dubbed in Urdu by Pakistan and broadcast on its own Pakistan Television Corporation’s PTV channel. Moreover, it is also very popular among Muslim youth in India. @CengizCoskuun,           @NurettinSonme, @handeesubasii, @ozget0rer

All these accounts are fake. All the tweets done through these accounts are common. The sequence of the tweet is also the same. The timing of tweets from all these accounts is also the same. Hence, we can say that these accounts are fake. At the same time, none of these actors use Twitter. Everyone has a verified account on Instagram. Like – HYPERLINK “”@enginaltandzytn , @ esbilgic , @ cengizcoskunnn , @ NurettinSonme @

Recently, tweets related to the ongoing controversy in Karnataka have been made through these fake accounts. Quoting these tweets, many portals and YouTube channels ran fake news about the anti-India statements of these actors. However, he did not make any such statement.

Pakistan’s propaganda against India is increasing. These are some of the accounts that our team has exposed. The number of Pakistani fake accounts engaged in anti-India propaganda is in the thousands. The Government of India and the Union Home Ministry should take immediate steps to deal with this propaganda of Pakistan. These things are harming not only the international image of India but are also a threat to the internal security of India.

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