Rise of J&K as most beautiful investment destination


Recently, Srinagar hosted the Gulf Countries Investment Summit at SKICC at the banks of Dal Lake. The event was attended by the top notch businessmen from the Gulf Countries and Hong Kong. Women entrepreneurs, startup representatives and exporters were also among the participants….reports Asian Lite News

Strong political will of the dispensation led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to transform Jammu and Kashmir from a separatist state into a super state has turned the Himalayan region into the most beautiful investment destination in the world.

Just two years ago, no one could have imagined that J&K would receive investment proposals worth Rs 70,000 crore, and businessmen from other countries would come forward to set up ventures in a region, where insurgency sponsored by Pakistan has wreaked havoc for the past three decades.

The Pakistan backed ultras and their sympathizers left no stone unturned to project J&K as an “unsafe destination” and a “conflict zone” where nothing could be done.

The terror bosses sitting across the Line of Control (LoC) with the active support of Pakistan Army and the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) made every possible attempt to turn Kashmir into a graveyard and used its residents as cannon-fodder.

Till August 5, 2019 — when the Centre announced its decision to abrogate J&K’s so-called special status and divided it into two union territories — Pakistan used to claim that Kashmir is an “unsettled issue” and it needs to be resolved. The terrorism within the Valley was projected as an indigenous activity aimed at achieving so-called “Azadi”.

Kashmir-based leaders, including separatists and even the mainstream politicians, in one way or other acted as the advocates of the neighbouring country. They had created a notion that terrorism in the Himalayan region cannot be defeated and the only way out, according to them, was to hold talks with Pakistan and the militants sponsored by it. In a nutshell Kashmir was all about violence and disturbance

.Centre’s mantra worked

None of the leaders ever made an attempt to promote J&K as an investment destination. A common man in Kashmir was made to believe that the region witnessing any development was out of question. But after the PM Modi-led government decided to “bite the bullet” by revoking Article 370, a temporary provision in the Indian Constitution, the situation in J&K witnessed a sea change. The Centre taking direct control of the erstwhile princely state opened up the J&K to the world and brought it closer to New Delhi.

Recently, Srinagar hosted the Gulf Countries Investment Summit at SKICC at the banks of Dal Lake. The event was attended by the top notch businessmen from the Gulf Countries and Hong Kong. Women entrepreneurs, startup representatives and exporters were also among the participants.

They had arrived in Kashmir to explore the options to invest in various sectors including, hospitality, cold storage, agriculture, food processing, health and medical education.

LG Sinha’s assurance to investors

While addressing the delegates at the summit J&K Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, assured them that they can invest in the Union Territory without any fear or threat as the terrorism in the Himalayan region is on its last legs.

LG Sinha also informed them that the J&K government has finalised investment proposals worth Rs 27,000 crore for which land has been allotted and work has also started.

The place, which remained out of bounds for the foreign investors for the past 70 years due to Article 370, has opened up. It’s welcoming them with open arms. People of J&K have endorsed the decision of the Central Government to merge the erstwhile princely state with the Union of India completely. They are supporting all the initiatives being taken by the Centre.

Kashmir no more a conflict zone

Kashmir is no more a conflict zone. A common man has rejected the idea of “Azadi” and Kashmir’s merger with Pakistan. He has understood that his future is safe and secure with India and the ones who preached separatism and sedition misled him for their own vested interests.

As the Gulf Countries Investment Summit was going on in Srinagar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the efforts of the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to draw more investments into Jammu and Kashmir.

Responding to a tweet by the office of the J&K Lieutenant Governor which stated during the address at the Gulf countries investment summit, LG highlighted the scope for J&K UT & GCC companies’ economic cooperation to make this paradise on earth the most beautiful investment destination in the world, PM Modi tweeted: “Exemplary efforts to draw more investment to Jammu and Kashmir, and ensure greater opportunities for the people.”

Insincerity victimised common man

Kashmir-based politicians ruled J&K for 70 years but they never tried to merge the erstwhile state into the Union of India completely. They kept on harping about the obsolete 1947 United Nations resolutions and confused people by claiming that the J&K had acceded temporarily to India and not permanently. The narrative around which they based their politics upon led to uncertainty and chaos. They never made any attempt to provide a sense of security to neither the natives nor the outsiders as a result no industrial development took place in Jammu and Kashmir.

From 1947 many regimes came to power at the Centre but none of the leaders mustered courage to revoke the Article 370 as the Kashmir-based leaders had created a myth that the abrogation of the so-called special status will lead to J&K slipping out of the hands of India.

These leaders projected themselves as the only alternatives to rule J&K. Had they been sincere, Pakistan would have never succeeded in triggering unrest in Kashmir.

People of Kashmir, including Muslims and Pandits, paid a heavy price for their leaders being insincere and dishonest.

Kashmiri Pandits were forced to migrate after the Pakistan sponsored insurgency broke out in Kashmir and Muslims, who could not go anywhere, became instruments in the hands of the adversary.

Peace and tranquility hold the key

Till 2019, no one was interested to invest in Kashmir due to it being a disturbed place. The former rulers were not keen to see J&K develop as they wanted the denizens of this unfortunate land to live amidst violence and uncertainty.

Strikes, street protests and ultras striking at will had become a part of the lives of the people. These leaders never focused on a basic aspect, i.e., peace being a prerequisite for development.

In “Naya J&K” the government has laid emphasis on maintaining peace and tranquility; this has led to everyone reposing faith in the dispensation. The results are evident, not only national companies but international corporate houses are sending proposals to set up their units in the Himalayan region.

The strong political will to transform J&K into a better place has proven beyond doubt that sincere and dedicated efforts never go in a vain. “Naya J&K” is emerging as a role model in the country and there seems to be no looking back.

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