Taliban critic detained, released


During a TV interview, Mohseni blamed the Taliban for insecurity, corruption and waste of resources in Afghanistan over the past 20 years….reports Asian Lite News

Sayed Baqir Mohseni, a political analyst and critic of the Taliban, who was detained by the group two days ago has been released, local media citing the sources reported.

According to local media, Mohseni’s relatives claimed that he has been released from the Taliban intelligence agency’s custody. Mohseni disappeared on Friday. However, Taliban security has not yet commented on the incident.

As soon as the news of Sayed’s disappearance went out, a number of social media users have called for the release of Mohseni, a university professor and critic of the Taliban. They called him the voice of Afghanistan.

During a TV interview, Mohseni blamed the Taliban for insecurity, corruption and waste of resources in Afghanistan over the past 20 years.

 Meanwhile, A journalist was arrested by the Taliban due to unclear reasons during media activity in Kabul in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan media outlet, Payk Media said, “Noorulhaq Haidar, a former reporter for Wisa newspaper, was arrested this morning by the #Taliban during media activity in PD8 of #Kabul city due to unclear reasons, sources confirmed.”

Earlier, Senior Correspondent at Iran International News, Tajuden Soroush, said the journalists from Ariana TV, an Afghanistani media network, confirmed the arrest of two of their journalists, Wares Hasrat and Aslam Hejab, by the Taliban.

Taking to Twitter, Tajuden Soroush said, “Ariana TV journalists confirmed me that today Taliban arrested Wares Hasrat and Aslam Hejab, two @ArianaNews_ journalists. Taliban didn’t say why they arrested them but last night in one of the Ariana TV’s programs, a guest criticised the Taliban and their behaver.”

Notably, The Free Speech Hub, an organization supporting open media in Afghanistan, in a statement said that the two reporters–Aslam Hejab and Waris Hasrat–were arrested by the Taliban on Monday and so far the reasons for their arrest remain unknown.

Furthermore, the European Union, Amnesty International and UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) have called upon the Taliban to provide information about the case of two Ariana News reporters.

On Tuesday, Amnesty International said that the arrest of the two journalists was “unjustifiable” and called on the Islamic Emirate to release them.

“Such escalating attacks on media freedom are a grave threat to the right to freedom of expression. The Taliban must unconditionally and immediately release them,” Amnesty International said in a tweet.

The EU ambassador to Afghanistan, Andreas von Brandt, also reacted to the arrest of the journalists. “Still hard to grasp why those you claim to work for justice and better governance don’t respect journalists working to improve transparency, governance and justice in Afghanistan,” he tweeted. (ANI)

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