UAE sees significant decline in Covid-19 cases


The successful implementation of the country’s national strategic objectives is due to the effective roles and responsibilities of all sectors…reports Asian Lite News

Covid-19 cases and deaths are witnessing a significant decline in UAE due to the integration and harmony between relevant authorities in containing the pandemic, according to the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA).

Dr. Taher Al Ameri, official spokesperson of the NCEMA, said the UAE has handled the crisis with professionalism, and according to international indicators, it has become one of the most successful models of addressing the pandemic, highlighting its local and international humanitarian initiatives.

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The successful implementation of the country’s national strategic objectives is due to the effective roles and responsibilities of all sectors, and is the outcome of the country’s proactive plans and comprehensive strategies aimed at containing the pandemic, he added.

Relevant authorities are continuing to monitor the pandemic globally and are constantly assessing the situation, to support relevant decisions and achieve COVID-19 recovery plans, he further added. The UAE Government is continuing to update its protocols and procedures to protect the community’s health and safety.

Ramadan protocols

The UAE announced a protocol for the return of Iftar tents during the Holy Month of Ramadan 2022, in line with current developments and the country’s strategy to protect the community’s health and safety, he explained.

“The protocol stipulates that prior permissions to hold Iftar tents must be obtained from the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) while considering that the local emergency, crisis and disaster management teams in every emirate represent relevant authorities and can approve the establishment, numbers and location of such tents,” Al Ameri said.

He also pointed out that the protocol stipulates that the tents must have an open design or air conditioning, in line with the high temperatures, adding that tents must comply with relevant safety and prevention standards, people must still maintain a safe distance of one metre, and security personnel or volunteers must be available to organise entry and exit activity.

The protocol stipulates tents will be open two hours before Iftar to avoid overcrowding, the green pass system will be enforced, and face masks and sanitisers will be provided. Disposable cups, napkins and plates will be used, he further said, affirming that such controls are subject to updates according to the current developments to the situation.

Al Ameri stressed that the responsibility to protect the country’s achievements is mutual, highlighting the key role of the community in this regard.

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