UAE University buildings now linked to ‘Hassantuk’ safety system


For the UAEU, the Hassantuk system will send the alarm in real-time to the Command and Control Centre, if smoke or fire is detected…reports Asian Lite News

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) today announced that all the buildings on campuses are now connected to the “Hassantuk” safety system, which is integrated with Civil Defence Command Centre in the UAE and in line with an agreement with “Injazat,” the UAE’s leader in digital transformation.

A strategic public-private initiative between the UAE Ministry of Interior and Injazat, Hassantuk is designed to increase the efficiency of emergency services’ responses to all fire and life safety emergency alarms through a state-of-the-art smart system. This helps to cut down response times and increase efficiency in all emergency events across the UAE, reducing the danger to life and damage to property.

For the UAEU, the Hassantuk system will send the alarm in real-time to the Command and Control Centre, if smoke or fire is detected. The Centre will contact the UAEU Facilities Management (FM) team to check whether it is a real or a false alarm. The FM service provider will verify and repair the false alarm, but in case of a real fire, the Civil Defence team will arrive immediately.

Prof. Ghaleb Al Hadrami Al Breiki, Acting Vice Chancellor, said, “The UAEU higher management considers the safe environment of the university community as a top priority. We seek to link the UAEU facilities to the Hassantak safety system, the Ministry of Interior, and Injazat initiative to protect lives and property from fires. We are pleased to be connected with it to protect lives and property and ensure the safety of the UAEU buildings using the latest innovative technological solutions.”

Ayman Alsebeyi, General Manager at Hassantuk, said that Hassantuk is one of the world’s first federal fire and life safety services that is designed not only to help save lives and property but also to assist educational institutes to ensure the safety of its buildings and visitors.

From schools and hospitals, residential and commercial buildings, warehouses, and workshops, Hassantuk monitors connected buildings’ fire alarm systems 24/7 from a central control room, liaising with Civil Defence Operators and emergency services to transmit fire and life safety events with greater detail and speed.

Its advanced AI engines generate regular operational and business intelligence reports for Civil Defence and the Ministry of Interior, while its dedicated online dashboards and real-time messaging enable building owners to constantly monitor their properties, adding an additional layer of information and actionable intelligence.

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