For the Love of Pizza: Mama’s Pizzeria


An exclusive feature by FnB columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International.

Mama’s Pizzeria, a brand inspired by the signature mother’s love that is the quintessential winning ingredient in that mum’s style of cooking and baking, is the brainchild of Amita Chandhok, a veteran in the food industry. Her food journey began in 1994 with her Tea Planter Deepak Chandhok as founders of ‘Dana Choga’ which is an award-winning North-Indian restaurant chain of Delhi-NCR. She is known to be an ardent foodie and puts her passion, creativity and dedication all on the plate while rustling up her culinary delights.

Amita Chandhok

Now after close to three decades Amita has rekindled her desire to offer a pizza store which is based on the same zeal, and this time for providing the best quality Pizzas. She has carefully crafted the menu at Mama’s Pizzeria with her classic recipes of pizzas for the evolving palate of Millennial and Gen Z.  She and her team ensures to deliver delicious experience, be it a house party or Netflix movie night by sitting in the comfort of your home and they won’t blame you if Mama’s Pizzeria indulgence has left you craving for one extra slice! 

For all the cheese lovers, signature cheese blend Classic Margherita is a classic treat for guests at Mama’s Pizzeria. More from the menu, Fungi ParadiseClassic Pesto, Peri Peri ChickenPopeye’s favouriteBBQ Chicken Pizza are loaded with fresh cheese, perfectly balanced ingredients and mouth-watering homemade sauces. Paneer tikka and Butter Chicken Pizza are delectable options in Indian and Italian fusion style and a pizza with Mexican flavours, Mexicana fusion topped with Salami, Jalapeño and Red Paprika will surely tantalise your taste buds.

While offering the best Pizzas in Gurgaon, Mama’s team makes sure to use the finest ingredients, fresh dough everyday and eco-friendly packaging to treat guests a delightful experience. Offering Classic and premium fusion Pizzas in a crave-able sauces flavours and are all paired with exotic topping combinations. Each pizza is prepared with simple and fresh ingredients on a soft flavoursome crust.

The brand team are all pizza lovers, making an honest effort to bring you a better version of handcrafted pizza. They say that ‘our effort is to make each pizza with the same love and affection that of a mother.’ When you order their pizza discerning diners can be sure that the flavours are on point, the freshness of ingredients used is top notch, the packaging is excellent and delivery is seamless. Highly Recommended. Buon Appetito!

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