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Some women feel they lose their sense of being a woman. Menopause is a part of being a woman, as much as other cycles. To tackle this feeling, you can double up on activities that help you express your feminine energy and make you feel more like yourself…Dr Ashdin

The word ‘Menopause’ is known to scare most women. It is a common misconception among women that life ends at the onset of menopause or around perimenopause, i.e. the time around menopause. Instead, that stage needs to be looked at as a start of a new style of life. Do not look at it only biologically, but also as a time when most of your share of responsibilities are done. If you have kids, they are probably grown up. This is the time to develop the habit of looking at and exploring new interests. Beyond that, there are a few habits, which if developed, women can reap benefits from.

Explore New Interests

When you invest your energy in finding a new hobby or doing something just for the joy it brings you, it will help you channel your energy. The irregularity of emotions, hot flashes, and overall discomfort you may face when you are at these stages, will just be a part of your life instead of focus. Once you start to develop a habit of discovering things you like to do and pursue, your thoughts will be preoccupied and you will be happier for doing something just for yourself.

Express Your Feminine Energy

Some women feel they lose their sense of being a woman. Menopause is a part of being a woman, as much as other cycles. To tackle this feeling, you can double up on activities that help you express your feminine energy and make you feel more like yourself. A great way to do this is to form a habit of meeting and talking to more women. If you already have a group of women friends meet them more often, exchange notes, and plan fun activities together. If you don’t, join clubs or meets where you will find more women like yourself. Talking to like-minded women at the same stage of life will make you feel more confident and self-assured along with a sense of relief. Use your nurturing prowess which you have so lovingly given your family, friends, pets, and kids, for yourself. Treat yourself with more compassion and care and forgive yourself easily. This is not a time to be hard on yourself. You can do this by setting aside some ‘me-time’ and making it a regular habit. Rituals like skin care, massages, eating nutritious food by yourself, reading, walks, and giving yourself time to unwind will do good. Value your core self and embrace spontaneity along with forming other regular habits of nurturing.

Change Your Outlook

Instead of dreading the big bad ‘M’ word, change the lens and look at it as a positive milestone in life. It is a part of life which needs to be embraced, and learned more about. Equip yourself with habits to enjoy this new phase. It is great to welcome this phase around perimenopause with a party with your friends, where everyone can gift you little something to help you tide through and have some fun. Talking positively, learning more about perimenopause and menopause, asking your doctor more questions, developing new habits, and all in all looking at it as a cycle you are ready to own, will keep your spirits up and any kind of fear at bay. Moreover, be patient with yourself and welcome it with a peaceful mind.

Focus On Wellness Habits

Around this time of age, you will most probably be losing muscle mass. If you have not already, start exercising and incorporate a positive exercise routine you can look forward to in your life. This will help you feel stronger and resilient during this phase. Take advice from experts and follow a realistic and impactful exercise habit to increase immunity, strength, and overall wellness. Along with exercise, diet, and sleep is very important to feel fresh and energised. Eating the right kind of foods helps reduce perimenopause symptoms. Develop a habit of mindful eating by including a variety of foods which will increase strength and reduce symptoms. Take help from experts to chart out a diet plan. It is important to develop realistic eating habits. Do not be too hard on yourself or try and change the way you eat drastically one day. Instead include and introduce tasty nutritious foods and flavours you enjoy and which are easily available. Give yourself a few cheat meals. The focus should be on sustaining the habit of eating well instead of fad diets. Overall if you focus on your wellness, the menopause and perimenopause phases will be easier on your body.

This phase should be a time of personal empowerment and celebration, which should be embarked on with a sense of joy and confidence. By developing certain habits that support you, you can navigate this period with greater ease and positivity.

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