Delectable prawn recipes to satisfy seafood cravings


Try these simple prawn dishes the next time you need to create a quick and pleasant family supper. Here are the best seafood dishes that are easy to make, delicious, and nutritious. Seafood can be prepared in a variety of delectable ways for your meals. This tasty and healthful way of eating lean, full protein is the foundation of the Mediterranean diet.

Saurabh Singh Chandel, Executive Chef of Crowne Plaza Greater Noida shares five delectable prawn recipes to satisfy your cravings:
Prawn Hargow


. Prawns 13&15 (1 person) 130 gm

.Butter 10 gm

. Garlic 15 gm

. Spring Onion 15 gm

. Chicken broth 20 gm

. White Pepper 2 gm

. Salt 2 gm

. Sesame oil 3 ml

. Potato starch 50 gm

. Oyster sauce 3 gm


. Devein the prawns and chop them, then add the seasoning, butter, garlic, spring onion, sesame oil, oyster sauce and salt.

. Then prepare a dough with potato starch.

. Now make the dumplings with the prawn stuffing.

. Now place the dumplings in a steamer for 3 min

. Once steamed, serve with Asian dips.

Shanghai Styles Prawn Spring Roll


. Prawns 130 gm

. Spring Onion 5 gm

. Coriander leaf 5 gm

. Ginger 5 gm

. Garlic 5 ml

. Oyster sauce 10 gm

. Sesame oil 5 gm

. Dark soya sauce 5 gm

. Chicken broth 5 ml

. Spring roll sheet 70 gm

. Cooking wine 3 ml

. Chilli paste 20 gm

. Corn flour 30 gm


. Devein the prawn and then season the prawn with oyster sauce, salt, chicken broth, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, cooking wine and dark soya sauce.

. Now place the prawn, spring onion, and coriander in a spring roll sheet and wrap it

. In a separate pan heat up the oil, and deep fry the roll till golden brown.

. Serve with spicy Shanghai sauce.

Five Spice Grilled Prawns Salad


. Prawns (13-15 size) 130 gm

. Chilli red fresh 5 gm

. Vinegar 5 ml

. Spring onion 15 gm

. Five spice 2 gm

. Garlic 5 gm

. Dark soya sauce 5 ml

. Chicken broth 5 gm

. Oyster sauce 5 gm

. Sesame oil 5 ml

. Ice burg lettuce 10 gm

. Salt 5 gm

. Light soya sauce 30 ml


. Devein the prawn and keep it aside.

. Marinate the prawn with five spices, salt and garlic.

. Grill the prawns and keep them aside.

. For dressing take a mixing bowl and add vinegar, garlic, dark soya sauce, light soya sauce, five spice, sesame oil, salt, and chicken broth, and whisk it.

. Now mix the lettuce, and prawns with dressing.

. Put the salad in a serving bowl.

. Garnish with spring onion and fresh red chilli.

Szechuan Prawn Fried Rice


. Steamed rice 250 gm

. Egg 15 gm

. Prawns 50 gm

. Carrot 10 gm

. Oil 30 ml

. Salt 5 gm

. Chicken broth powder 10 gm

. Szechwan pepper 5 gm

. Chilli paste 5 gm

. Spring onion 10 gm


. Devein and clean the prawn, and cut it into small pieces.

. Now heat up the wok and add oil, once it gets hot, add egg and stir it.

. Then add prawn, carrot, chilli paste and add the seasoning.

. Give a good stir and add Szechuan pepper.

. Serve in a serving bowl, and garnish with spring onion.

Stay fit while indulging into food blogging.(photo:IANSLIFE)

Hunan Style Crispy Prawn


. Prawn (13-15) 130 gm

. Spring Onion 10 gm

. Coriander leaf 10 gm

. Oil 10 ml

. Ginger 10 gm

. Garlic 10 ml

. Dried white peas 30 gm

. Sesame oil 5 gm

. Butter 5 gm

. Chicken broth 5 ml

. Cooking wine 4 ml

. Chilli paste 20 gm

. Large onion 10 gm

. Red bell pepper 5 gm

. Yellow bell pepper 5 gm

. Corn flour 30 gm


. Wash and devein the prawns.

. Marinate the prawns with salt, pepper, and corn flour and deep fry them.

. In a wok add some oil, once it gets hot, add ginger, and garlic and saut it.

. Then add bell pepper, onion, butter, add seasoning, cooking wine, light soya, and sesame oil.

. At last, add dry white peas, and garnish with spring onion and coriander leaves.

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