Habiteria: premium food court at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi


Habiteria serves a variety of popular Indian and international cuisines. The six kiosks there include Not Just Chaat, Indian Tawa, Asian Wok, Western Grill, Baker’s Basket also Sips & Scoops. There is something for everyone here and diners will feel spoilt for choice. A feature by FnB columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International

The bright, modern interior, with colour-coded kiosks for different cuisines that will leave you feeling spoilt for choice, Habiteria has indoor seating for 135 people along with 80 seats outdoor. The alfresco seating is beautifully lined with green foliage. The showstopper at the food court is it’s Lily Pond that houses Koi Carp fish and water lilies, a signature feature of the India Habitat Centre. An outdoor party space for up to 20 people can also be made available on request. Habiteria is open from 12noon to 11pm every day. It has delivery options too. 

Habiteria has great interiors, layout, set up, vibe and feel. This refurbished and reimagined food court serves eclectic array of dishes that are full of flavour, with portion sizes that are generous and presentation that’s charming. 

A meal experience at Habiteria is a superlative gastronomic adventure where they showcase and offer regional flavours from across various parts of India and also global cuisine dishes and all under one roof! This means guests have the opportunity to try out various cuisines in line with their choices and can dine with others who may choose different cuisines as it’s all under one roof so it can be each to their own! The service here is friendly, hospitable and overall excellent. A visit to this food court in the heart of Delhi is a must-try and must-visit when in Delhi, highly recommended! 

India Habitat Centre is one of India’s finest performing arts, entertainment & convention hubs. 

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