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Harmanjot Singh, an optimistic student from Kapurthala who had applied for a two-year business diploma at Northern College, conveyed his dismay…reports Anatariksh Singh/ Khalsavox

Canada’s Northern College, Scarborough campus, has thrown a wrench into the plans of numerous Indian students, primarily from Punjab, leading to widespread disappointment and uncertainty. Just a month prior to the eagerly awaited September term, the college unexpectedly revoked admission offers, sending students into a state of chaos. These hopeful individuals had painstakingly organized their Canadian venture, arranging accommodations, purchasing flight tickets, and readying themselves for an exciting new phase of life. The official reason cited for this disruptive action was an unexpectedly overwhelming influx of applications received by the institution.

Sunil, a Canada student visa expert at Pyramid e-Services, an immigration agency in Jalandhar, disclosed that the college had been inundated with an unprecedented avalanche of responses. “The college had issued more offer letters than available spots, assuming that not all students would successfully secure embassy clearances and visas. However, the rejection rate turned out to be surprisingly low this time, leaving the college with no choice but to retract admissions,” he elucidated.

In an effort to mitigate the fallout, the college has promised a full refund of students’ fees. Additionally, they have provided students with the option to obtain offer letters from alternative educational institutions, allowing them to transfer the corresponding fees to their new choice.

Harmanjot Singh, an optimistic student from Kapurthala who had applied for a two-year business diploma at Northern College, conveyed his dismay. Having already committed substantial resources, including a non-refundable ticket worth Rs 1.12 lakh for an August 29 departure, he and his peers were taken aback by the college’s last-minute decision. The news was delivered via email, revealing the unfortunate lack of available seats at the college.

Beyond its immediate impact on the students, the sudden withdrawal of admissions has triggered significant concern within Canada’s Sikh community. Various advocacy groups, including the World Sikh Organisation of Canada, have joined forces to protest the college’s actions and demand a reconsideration of the decision.

Parents of the affected students have also voiced their grievances, highlighting the logistical and financial predicaments stemming from this abrupt change of plans.

With a mere month left before the anticipated September term, the college’s eleventh-hour cancellation of admissions has left students stranded in uncertainty. These young minds had already invested substantial funds into accommodations and airfare, all set for their imminent Canadian journey.

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