Blake Lively’s Betty Buzz Soft Drinks & Mixers Launch Nationwide in the UK


Betty Buzz are a range of great tasting premium soft drinks and mixers which have just arrived in the UK. Founded by Hollywood Actress, Blake Lively, the Betty Buzz range of delicious tasting soft drinks and mixers are now available nationwide across the UK. A feature by lifestyle columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International.

The Betty Buzz range is made with fresh ingredients, free from artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colours and flavours.  Packaged in retro bottles and stylish cans, they make an eye-catching and all natural addition to a home bar, in Lemon & Lime, Pink Grapefruit and Ginger Beer flavours.

Betty Buzz was launched in the US in 2021 and is now available nationwide across the UK. The bottles are available in 266ml bottles from Whole Foods Market stores and the 150ml cans have just launched on Amazon

Betty Buzz are the perfect drinks choice as a mixer with a spirit or for the non-drinker this festive season from the designated driver, pregnant friend or relative to those looking for a healthier drinks alternative. They are also a great choice for non-alcoholic options in dry January

Story Behind the Brand

Blake and her team of experts devoted three years to developing the recipes for each serve to ensure a perfect balance of flavours. As a non-drinker, she recognised how non-alcoholic drinks are the unsung heroes of the drinks world and deserve as much attention and love as alcohol. Key to Blake was to create a brand that would offer consumers a premium drinking experience but without the need for complicated mixology techniques.  

Flavour and ingredients are two important elements to Blake in the drinks she serves and food she eats. So important are they that earlier this year she teamed up with British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood and they created a one minute advert to promote the Betty Buzz range.  Blake was looking for Paul’s opinion on her drinks range and she was delighted to receive the praise she was looking for from the voice of British culinary reason.

Betty Buzz Range

The Betty Buzz range are all gluten free, caffeine free, vegan, Kosher and low in calories. Further details on the range are below. 

Betty Buzz Sparkling Grapefruit – made with 24% real Pink Grapefruit juice this delivers a tangy, lightly sweet and fresh citrus hit. 

Betty Buzz Grapefruit


Made with Carbonated Water, Agave Syrup and Grapefruit Juice Concentrate. Natural flavours, no artificial colours or sweeteners. 60 calories per bottle.

Betty Buzz Sparkling Lemon Lime – Refreshing with deliciously authentic flavours

Betty Buzz Lemon Lime


Made with Carbonated Water, Agave Syrup, Lime Juice, Meyer Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavours and Sea Salt. Mo artificial colours or sweeteners. 30 calories per bottle.

Betty Buzz Ginger Beer 

Clean, fresh ginger taste with the perfect balance of spice and bubbles. 

Betty Buzz Ginger Beer


Made with Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Ginger Juice and Citric Acid. No artificial colours or sweeteners.

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