Keir Starmer paid £118,580 in tax since 2020


He paid £43,103 in income tax, plus £23,930 in capital gains tax, making a total of £67,033…reports Asian Lite News

Keir Starmer earned £360,000 in the last two years and paid £118,000 in tax, it has been revealed. he Labour leader published his returns for 2020/21 and 2021/22 a day after Rishi Sunak became the first prime minister since David Cameron to do so.

They show that in 202/21, Starmer earned £125,695 as an MP and leader of the opposition. He also received £21,925 in book royalties and £13 in bank interest, making a total of £147,633.

In that year, he paid £51,547 in income tax. In 2021/22, he earned £126,154 as an MP and Labour leader, £453 in royalties, £14 in bank interest and £85,466 in capital gains after his sister sold a house they had bought together for her and her children to live in.

He paid £43,103 in income tax, plus £23,930 in capital gains tax, making a total of £67,033.

It means that over the two years he earned a total of £359,720 and paid £118,580 to the tax man. That means his tax rate was 33%. Sunak’s returns showed that he paid HMRC just over £1 million between 2019 and 2022.

Tax returns dating back to Sunak’s time as chancellor show that between 2019/20 and 2021/22, he received £1,006,374 in income, plus £3,760,588 in capital gains – a total of £4,766,962.

On that, he paid income tax and capital gains tax totalling £1,053,060. A Labour source said: “While Sunak was jacking up everyone else’s tax, he was paying a tax rate of about 22% on millions of pounds of income.”

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