Tushar Kumar: Youngest Indian-Origin Labour Councillor Honoured at House of Lords


21-Year-Old Tushar’s Philanthropic Efforts Recognised on International Men’s Day, says Rahul Laud

Tushar Kumar, a 21-year-old newly elected Labour Party councillor and Politics BSc student at King’s College London was honoured recently at the House of Lords by the Global Indian Organsiation. This event was on the occasion of International Men’s Day, a day dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the positive impact men have on society.

Tushar’s journey began earlier this year when he became the youngest Indian-origin councillor, at the age of 20, elected in the local May elections. Juggling his studies with a commitment to the community, Tushar has been actively involved in various philanthropic activities. His role extends from teaching Hindi at the Hindi Shiksha Parishad UK to organising events and volunteering for senior citizens’ welfare.

His dedication to public service and the community has earned him a spot in the prestigious Civil Service Fast Stream programme. Not one to rest on his laurels, Tushar is also part of the University Officers’ Training Corps (UOTC).

On International Men’s Day, a day that emphasises the importance of men’s well-being and contributions to society, Tushar was awarded a monument, a certificate, and a medal at the House of Lords. The recognition was given in the presence of notable Lords and Members of Parliament, acknowledging his efforts in making a positive difference in the community.

On his Facebook post, Tushar expressed his gratitude and humility upon receiving this honour. He wrote, “Receiving this accolade in such a revered place on such a meaningful day is truly humbling. It reinforces my commitment to continue making a positive impact in the world. Let’s continue to celebrate the men in our lives and work together for a brighter, more inclusive future.”

Tushar Kumar’s story on International Men’s Day serves as a reminder of the valuable contributions men can make towards creating a more equitable and caring world.

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