120 Killed in Afghanistan Due To Mine Blasts in 2022


Nooruddin Rustamkhil, the head of coordination and Mine clearance, said that most of the victims of these incidents are children in the country….reports Asian Lite News

A recent study by the Head of Coordination and Mine Clearance in Afghanistan revealed that 120 people lost their lives and another 250 individuals have injuries due to mine explosions and unexploded ordnance in Afghanistan, The Khaama Press reported on Monday.

The Khaama Press reported that Afghanistan needs an urgent action plan to mitigate the devastating impact of these lethal hazards.

Nooruddin Rustamkhil, the head of coordination and Mine clearance, said that most of the victims of these incidents are children in the country.

He added, “From the beginning of 2023 until now, we have had 207 incidents in Afghanistan, resulting in 372 casualties. Among these, 122 were killed, 250 were wounded, and 224 were children.”

Moreover, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) expressed concern over the rising casualties among children due to unexploded ordnance explosions in Afghanistan and emphasized that in 2022, more than a hundred children died or were disabled due to these incidents.

Despite ongoing efforts, Afghanistan remains plagued by many casualties, including innocent children, due to unexploded mine explosions. The persistence of this danger underscores the need for sustained international support and resources to address this critical humanitarian issue.

The threat of unexploded mines still lingers in some regions of the country as a grim reminder of past wars and the lack of awareness surrounding these deadly remnants.

To safeguard the lives of Afghan citizens, concerted action is imperative to clear these hazards and raise awareness about their dangers.

Fire breaks out in Badakhshan

A fire at Faizabad in the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan caused financial damages to over one million Afghans, Khaama Press reported citing provincial officials.

The Security Department of Badakhshan province on Sunday said the fire broke out in the Akhur Goldan area of Faizabad city.

Reportedly, the fire erupted in two adjacent decoration shops in the city, according to Khaama Press.

According to officials, the fire spread to the neighbouring shops eventually resulting in financial losses of over a million.

While the fire reduced all the goods in the two shops to ashes, no casualties were reported in the incident.

The firefighting team arrived at the spot after receiving word of the blaze and put out the fire, Khaama Press reported. 

However, the cause of the fire is yet to be known, the report stated, adding that an investigation is underway.

In a similar incident earlier, a fire broke out in the Mal Bazar area of Kandahar city, resulting in financial losses for almost three million Afghans. (ANI)

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