80 Countries Urge Taliban to Reverse Discrimination of Women


Taliban authorities closed most girls’ high schools, barred women from university and stopped many female Afghan aid staff from working….reports Asian Lite News

Around 80 countries condemned the diktats issued by the Taliban on Afghan women putting restrictions on them since the group returned to power in 2021 and urged them to reverse the orders passed by them.

Amid the deteriorating conditions of Afghan women, eighty countries in a joint statement delivered to the UNGA 78th meeting expressed their concerns over the violation of women and girls’ rights in Afghanistan, reported TOLO News.

Taliban authorities closed most girls’ high schools, barred women from university and stopped many female Afghan aid staff from working.

Countries including, UAE, Australia, Japan, Spain, Chile, along with 75 other member states and observers have asked the Taliban to respect women’s and girls’ rights based on the Taliban values and international human rights.

The countries in the joint statement called the Taliban’s women-related edicts ‘systematic discrimination’, oppression and violence, according to TOLO News.

They further urged the Taliban to ensure full, equal and meaningful participation of women and girls in public and political life of Afghanistan.

Lana Nusseibeh, Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations said, “We call on the de facto authorities to allow women and girls to exercise their rights and contribute to the social and economic development of the Afghan society in accordance with international human rights laws and teachings of Islam.”

Moreover, according to the joint statement, the Taliban’s edicts against women and girls contradict Islamic values as well as, universal human rights.

However, the Taliban have claimed women’s rights in Afghanistan are protected based on the Sharia Law.

Spokesperson of the Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid said, “Those rights of women and girls which have been given to them by Islam, have never been violated and will never be violated either. The Islamic Emirate considers it its obligation to correct women’s rights in the country.”

According to a political analyst, the Taliban should come to a decision whether they want to live with the world or not.

“We have seen tens of statements and declarations which have had no result. The Islamic Emirate should make a decision whether they want to live with the rest of the world or not,” said Muhammad Sangar Amirzada, a political analyst.

Earlier this week, the Taliban-appointed acting minister of Higher Education, Neda Mohammad Nadim emphasized that based on Sharia, men and women are not equal, reported TOLO News.

He noted that despite Western nations trying to demonstrate that men and women have equal rights, women and men are “not equal”.

Earlier, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed called for putting pressure on the Taliban to ensure women’s and girls’ rights to education and work in Afghanistan.

Moreover, countries including the United States, France, Britain, Japan, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Ecuador, Albania, and Malta, referred to the treatment of Afghan women and girls by the Taliban as “gender-based violence”, according to a joint statement.

Last month, the United Nations held a session to recognize the “gender apartheid” in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule, for the first time as part of their efforts to support human rights, Khaama Press reported.

Richard Bennett remarked that the global community has betrayed the women in Afghanistan, adding that the current situation in Afghanistan can only be remedied through practical actions, not condemnations and expressions of sympathy. (ANI)

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