Afghans complain lack of work, poverty under Taliban


Ghulam Hazrat is busy finding some food for his family in Kabul. He said that he has a family of five people and called “unemployment” a problem…reports Asian Lite News

Some of the people in Afghanistan have complained about a lack of work and increased poverty in the country, Afghanistan-based Tolo News reported.

People urged the Taliban and aid organizations to address their problems.

Ghulam Hazrat is busy finding some food for his family in Kabul. He said that he has a family of five people and called “unemployment” a problem.

Hazrat said, “I am the head of my family of five people, unemployment is a problem, this is the machine I work with, there are many economic problems, I am the breadwinner of the family, there is no one to help me, I come from morning to evening and work,” according to Tolo News report.

Abdul Ghafar, a Kabul resident, said that youth should be provided work in Afghanistan. Ghafar said, “Our wish is that work should be provided for the youth in the country, and young poor people in the country can find work.”

Meanwhile, the World Food Programme (WFP) in its report said that nine out of ten families in Afghanistan do not have access to food. Abdul Nasir Reshtia, an economist, said that Afghanistan should resolve their political problems with the world.

“We should solve our political problems with the world, the interactions should be increased, and Afghanistan will be recognized so that once again we will see the resumption of aid from the international community in the field of economic aid and development projects,” Tolo News quoted Abdul Nasir Reshtia as saying.

Meanwhile, the Taliban-led Ministry of Economy said they are trying to encourage the international community to focus aid on infrastructure projects. The ministry said that the move will reduce poverty in Afghanistan, according to Tolo News report.

Abdul Latif Nazari, deputy of the Taliban-led Ministry of Economics, said, “The more Afghanistan’s economic infrastructure is strengthened, the more we will overcome poverty, and our effort is to encourage the aid of the international community towards infrastructure and development projects.”

Earlier in July, educated unemployed youth raised concerns over the lack of work in Afghanistan and called on the Taliban to provide jobs, Afghanistan-based Tolo News reported.

Fardin, 26, who has graduated from the law and political sciences faculty, said that unemployment has frustrated him. He further said that he will inevitably leave Afghanistan if the situation continues.

Fardin, an unemployed youth said, “I studied for 16 years and nobody thinks about us. If the situation continues like this and nobody hears us, we are obliged to leave the country,” Tolo News reported.

Another unemployed youth named Mer Kamal said, “I studied for 16 years but now I am jobless because there are no job opportunities in Afghanistan.” (ANI)

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