Global South Pushes Supply Chain Improvements


They reaffirmed the crucial role of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and Data for Development in boosting growth, improving delivery of public services and accelerating development…reports Asian Lite News

At the Second Voice of the Global South Summit, leaders underscored their commitment to promoting effective integration of the partner countries for stronger global efforts to improve supply chains, facilitate access to markets and keep global supply chains open, secure, trusted, stable, accessible and peaceful.

The Global South leaders further highlighted the role of South-South cooperation in this regard and discussed ways to promote mutual cooperation and investments amongst the Global South countries.

Leaders from the Global South countries gathered at the second virtual ‘Voice of the Global South Summit’ organized by India, under the theme: ‘Global South: Together for Everyone’s Growth, Everyone’s Trust’ on Friday.

On the issue of technological transformation, leaders of the Global South countries, recognized that technology can offer unprecedented opportunities. They called for more equitable access to the benefits of the digital economy including by addressing the risks and challenges emerging from the use of technologies and ensuring that the benefits of these technologies are available to all, the summit statement said.

They reaffirmed the crucial role of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and Data for Development in boosting growth, improving delivery of public services and accelerating development.

Leaders called for reinvigorating a more inclusive multilateralism, including through reform of the multilateral system for implementing the 2030 Agenda and achieving its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They reiterated the call for comprehensive reforms of the United Nations, with the Security Council at its core, to make it ‘fit for purpose’ to effectively address contemporary global challenges.

They emphasised that a reformed United Nations must be faithful to its founding principles and adapt to carrying out its mandate. Leaders further reaffirmed the need for better integrating the perspectives of developing countries in international agendas so as to make the global governance systems more inclusive, representative and consultative.

“Leaders recognized women’s central and irrefutable role in sustainable development and expressed their commitments to promoting women-led development and enhancing women’s full, equal, effective, and meaningful participation as decision-makers for addressing global challenges, ” the statement added.

They acknowledged that women’s contribution as active participants in all spheres of society, across all sectors and at all levels of the economy is not only crucial for achieving gender equality but also for contributing to global GDP growth and sustainable development.

They expressed their concerns about the ongoing crises and their impact on the 2030 agenda. In this regard, the leaders called for following bold, ambitious, accelerated, just and transformative actions, anchored in international solidarity and effective cooperation at all levels. Leaders especially called for a collective focus on enhancing resilience in our economies, societies, healthcare systems, education systems and infrastructure.

They called for transforming education and for implementing One Health approach and strengthening health systems. They further reiterated that States will not be able to achieve the ambitious Goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda without a revitalized and enhanced global partnership and comparably ambitious means of implementation.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the two summits of the Global South sent a big message to the world that the Global South wants ‘autonomy’ and its voice should be heard on global governance.

“Two summits of the Global South being held in a year and a large participation in it send out a big message to the world. The message is: Global South wants its autonomy, Global South wants its voice to be heard on Global Governance, Global South is ready to take big responsibility on global issues…India is proud that during an important forum like the G20, we got the opportunity to put the voice of the Global South on the agenda,” he said.

He added, “The credit for this goes to your strong support and firm belief in India. For this, I am really grateful to you. And I believe that was raised during the G20 summit will be echoed in upcoming forums.”

While speaking at the Concluding Leaders Session of the Voice of Global South Summit, PM Modi went on to mention the humanitarian aid sent by India to multiple countries during tough times and emphasised continuing in the upcoming days. (ANI)

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