LuLu Exchange Opens 100th Centre in Dubai’s Al Warqa


Speaking at the event, H.E. Satish Kumar Sivan expressed, “LuLu Exchange’s remarkable growth is a testament to its dedication to providing essential financial services…reports Asian Lite News

LuLu Exchange, a leading financial services provider, proudly commemorates its growth and success with the inauguration of the 100th customer engagement centre at Q1 Mall, Al Warqa, Dubai. This historic achievement reinstates the company’s commitment to enhancing customer experience and expanding its reach in the region. The newly opened customer engagement centre takes the tally of global engagement centres under LuLu Financial Holdings to 314.

The milestone 100th Customer Engagement Centre was inaugurated by H.E. Satish Kumar Sivan, Consul General of India, Dubai, alongside Mr. Adeeb Ahamed, Managing Director of LuLu Financial Holdings and Mr. Richard Wason, CEO, Lulu Financial Holdings  in the esteemed presence of the company’s senior management and key dignitaries from the financial industry.

Speaking at the event, H.E. Satish Kumar Sivan expressed, “LuLu Exchange’s remarkable growth is a testament to its dedication to providing essential financial services. This 100th Customer Engagement Centre is a significant step forward, reflecting the company’s commitment to the community.”

Mr. Adeeb Ahamed remarked, “Our commitment to a value-driven approach is evident in every aspect of our operations, ensuring that integrity and customer satisfaction guide our actions. We actively work towards financial inclusion, recognizing the importance of accessible financial services for all. This commitment aligns with our broader vision of making a positive impact on the communities and environment with a focus on sustainability. The persistent support from the leadership and governance of the UAE has been instrumental in our growth journey. Their strategic vision and commitment to excellence have provided a solid foundation for our success. As we celebrate this milestone, LuLu Exchange remains dedicated to upholding high standards in financial services, with gratitude for the trust placed in us by millions.”

Since its establishment in 2009, marked by the inauguration of the first Customer Engagement Centre in Abu Dhabi, LuLu Exchange has undergone a significant transformation, evolving into a diversified leader within the global payments industry. Over the past 15 years, the company has expanded its presence across all seven emirates of the UAE, making a substantial impact on the financial landscape.

LuLu Exchange has consistently demonstrated remarkable growth over the last decade, aligning with the growing demand for remittance services, and established itself as a trusted global financial service provider. The 2023 World Bank report validates this upward trajectory, revealing a substantial surge in global remittances to an impressive $860 billion. Amidst this growth, the resilience exhibited by labour markets in advanced economies and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries has played a vital role in supporting migrants and facilitating crucial fund transfers back to their home countries. In 2023, India topped the charts in remittances, and LuLu Exchange, with its extensive global operations, played a pivotal role as a major facilitator of cross-border payments into India. Lulu Exchange processed $9.4 billion in the year 2023, leveraging its global payout network covering over 100 countries. This underscores LuLu Exchange’s integral part in the global financial landscape and further reinforces its unwavering dedication to providing secure and transparent cross-border payment solutions.

LuLu Exchange’s strategic focus on digital transformation and platform-based innovations has positioned it as a key player in cross-border payments, foreign exchange, WPS payroll solutions, and wholesale banknotes. With a customer base spanning millions of individuals from diverse nationalities each year, LuLu Exchange has consistently delivered prompt, transparent, and reliable services.

This accomplishment is made possible through its extensive network of customer engagement centres throughout the UAE and the proprietary LuLu Money digital payments app, reflecting the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence in financial services. As LuLu Exchange continues to evolve and grow, its legacy of innovation and customer-centric initiatives remains a driving force in the dynamic landscape of global financial services.

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