Russia seeks to take on Western ‘hegemony’


Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov took an apparent jibe at West’s “selfish interests”…reports Asian Lite News

Russia’s upcoming new foreign policy concept will focus on terminating the West’s “monopoly” in international affairs, the country’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said.

International affairs should be determined not by the West’s “selfish interests”, but on “a fair, universal basis of a balance of interests as required by the UN Charter”, Lavrov said at Russia’s State Duma, Xinhua news agency reported.

“The United States and its allies are obsessed with a maniacal desire to revive the neo-colonial, unipolar world order to interfere with the objective process of the formation and rise of new world centres,” he said.

Washington and its allies are waging “an all-out hybrid war against Russia that has been prepared for many years” in order to defeat Russia on the battlefield, destroy its economy, cordon off the country and turn it into an “outcast”, Lavrov added.

However, all of the West’s attempts to isolate Russia have failed, he stressed.

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