Russian envoy hails ‘stronger strategic partnership’ with India


Ambassador Alipov also underscored the commitment to “enriching achievements of the Russian-Indian special and privileged strategic partnership”…reports Asian Lite News

Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov said that the ‘special Russia-India strategic partnership’ has shown strength and is ‘growing stronger as ever”.

“There have been lies about Russia on a daily basis and on a global scale. Efforts are being made to disrupt Russia – India relations,” Envoy Alipov said during the state reception hosted in the national capital that was dedicated to the National Day of the Russian Federation. Lauding the ‘special Russia – India strategic partnership’, the envoy said, “The indispensable truth however is- the special Russia-India strategic partnership has shown strength and we keep growing stronger than ever”.

From the Indian side, Minister of State for Ministry of External Affairs and Education Rajkumar Ranjan Singh attended the event along with other senior officials of the government of India.

Ambassadors and military attaches of other countries were also present on the occasion. During the celebrations, Ratheesh Nair, Honorary Consul of Russia in Trivandrum was awarded the ‘Order of Friendship’ in recognition of his exceptional work in the promotion of Russia-India bilateral ties.

Ambassador Alipov also underscored the commitment to “enriching achievements of the Russian-Indian special and privileged strategic partnership” while also highlighting Nair’s considerable contribution to the promotion of bilateral ties.

The Moscow Cossack Choir’s performance with Russian folk songs and rousing dances, supported by the Government of Moscow, became a bright decoration of the evening that ended with festive fireworks.

‘Russian arms for India not in German interests’

India’s continuing dependence on Russian weapons is not in Germany’s interest, said German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius on Monday during a visit to the region to strengthen defence relations, German News Agency Deutsche Welle (DW) reported.

Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international broadcaster. Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began in early 2022, India has relied on Russia for its defence needs and has also become a significant customer of discounted Russian crude oil.

“It is not up to Germany to change that on our own,” Pistorius said in an exclusive interview with DW’s top political correspondent Nina Haase in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Pistorius was in Jakarta ahead of a four-day trip to India, where he will be accompanied by members of Germany’s defence sector.

“This is an issue we have to solve jointly with other partners. But of course, we can’t have an interest in the long run that India is so dependent on Russia’s delivery of weapons or other materials,” he added.

“I want to send a signal that we are willing to support our partners, our reliable partners like Indonesia, like India,” he said.

“And that includes, for example, the possibility of delivering submarines.”

His visit to the area began on Sunday with the Shangri-La Dialogue, Asia’s largest defence gathering.

“I came here because this region will be shaping the 21st century in regards to security, freedom of navigation [and] international economic challenges,” Pistorius told DW.

“And therefore, the region is important not only for Germany but for Europe as a whole.”

Germany’s defence ties with Indonesia were another item on Pistorius’ agenda during talks with Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, however, there were no immediate promises to deliver new weapons.

He said Germany will reconsider its export controls to support the defence capacity of “reliable partners” in the region. (ANI)

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