US lawmakers defend TikTok use to reach young voters


Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota is among those who support the use of TikTok…reports Asian Lite News

More than two dozen Democratic members of Congress, including Reps. Jeff Jackson of North Carolina, Robert Garcia of California, and Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, are active on TikTok, using the platform to engage with constituents and reach younger audiences.

However, as pressure against TikTok mounts in Washington due to security concerns, some of their colleagues are urging them to stop using the social media platform. Despite the pushback, many of these lawmakers defend their presence on TikTok, arguing that they have a responsibility to connect with Americans where they are, and with over 150 million users on the app, TikTok is a valuable tool for reaching younger audiences.

Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota is among those who support the use of TikTok, stating that while he is aware of the security implications and sensitive to the ban, there is currently no better and faster way to engage with young people in the United States than through the platform.

Yet the lawmakers active on TikTok remain a distinct minority, Associated Press reported.

Most in Congress are in favor of limiting the app, forcing a sale to remove connections to China, or even banning it outright.

The U.S. armed forces and more than half of U.S. states have already banned the app from official devices, as has the federal government. Similar bans have been imposed in Denmark, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand, as well as the European Union, AP reported.

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