The Bomb-Bae Wardrobe: Leading Indian Fashion Brand For New-Age Woman


The idea to modernise Indian fashion by taking into account the changing sensibilities and lifestyle of the new-age woman gave rise to the brand The Bomb-bae Wardrobe. The label promotes a distinctive fusion by focusing on modern silhouettes made from luxurious fabrics and embellished with traditional Indian embroideries, heritage prints and motifs, as well as breathtaking details. Their couture is designed bearing in mind the Indian body types, and conceived by a passion to make dressing up a lavish, yet effortless affair. A feature by lifestyle columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International.

The Bomb-bae Wardrobe has become one of India’s top fashion houses since it was founded. The business, led by their founder Simran Kaur Bhatia, has strategically positioned itself as the one-stop shop for all urban Indian women’s fashion requirements. Their design ethos is based on the modern global Indian woman who wants her Indian Wear wardrobe to be not only fashionable but also practical, simple, and with value for money. Each collection is a tribute to the rich Indian heritage, with contemporary features adding glitz and ease to each piece. They gained popularity by striving to inject creativity and consciousness into everything they produce.

The Bomb-bae Wardrobe is unquestionably one of the top ethnic wear websites online, so whether you’re looking for timeless classics or want to make a statement with unique styles, they’ve got you covered.

About the Founder, Simran Kaur Bhatia

Simran Kaur Bhatia, the visionary behind The Bomb-Bae Wardrobe, has taken the brand to new heights. Simran’s journey as an entrepreneur began with a simple idea – to bridge the gap between traditional Indian fashion and the evolving tastes of modern women. 

She recognized the need for a brand that could offer a seamless blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary silhouettes. This led her to create The Bomb-Bae Wardrobe, a brand that celebrates the rich heritage of Indian fashion while catering to the needs and preferences of the new-age woman.

Simran’s passion for Indian fashion and her commitment to quality and craftsmanship are evident in every piece created by The Bomb-Bae Wardrobe. She personally oversees the design process, ensuring that each garment is a work of art. From selecting luxurious fabrics to incorporating intricate embroideries and prints, Simran leaves no stone unturned to create stunning pieces that exude elegance and charm.

Under Simran’s leadership, The Bomb-Bae Wardrobe has become synonymous with style, sophistication, and innovation. The brand has garnered a loyal customer base, both in India and internationally, who appreciate its unique approach to Indian fashion. Simran’s ability to understand the needs and desires of her customers has been instrumental in the brand’s success.

Simran’s entrepreneurial journey has not been without its challenges. Building a fashion brand from scratch requires immense dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to take risks. However, Simran’s unwavering belief in her vision and her ability to adapt to changing market trends has allowed her to overcome obstacles and emerge as a trailblazer in the industry.

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Information about their outfits

They sell a variety of outfits like Jumpsuits, Kurta Sets, Sarees, Pre Draped Sarees, Bridal Wear, Anarkalis, Lehengas, Gowns and much more. They are into customisation of outfits as well.

They have Introduced the Twilight Pre-draped Saree, a masterpiece of impeccable draping. Made from high-quality fabric, this luxurious saree showcases a sensuous silhouette that is bound to captivate everyone’s attention. Whether it’s a wedding, a party, or a festive celebration, this saree is designed to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

It only takes no time to drape this beautiful pre stitched saree and it comes with 2 blouse options to choose from. The fabric is stretchy and super comfortable. Highly Recommended!

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