Dive into India’s Rich History with These Must-Watch Shows and Films


India comes alive with a kaleidoscope of festivities that extend beyond the iconic parades and flag-hoisting ceremonies. As gullies and mohallas are adorned with tricolour flags in the spirit of patriotism, we bring you a selection of audio shows, web series, and films to elevate your sense of national pride and unravel the rich fabric of our country’s history.

This Republic Day, let these engaging audio shows and films deepen your connection with India’s glorious past and inspire renewed patriotism in you. Enjoy the festivities and the remarkable stories that make our nation truly extraordinary. Jai Hind!


Malabar Rebellion

Platform: Audible

Step back in time with ‘Malabar Rebellion,’ a podcast narrated and directed by Sashi Kumar, with a poetic touch by P. Bhaskaran, which brings to life the sacrifices and heroism of a pivotal moment in Indian history. It is a fascinating story that captures the six months of intense struggle by Muslim peasants against British colonial rulers and feudal landlords. A must-listen for those seeking a vivid portrayal of the resilience and courage displayed by the citizens during challenging times.

Ambedkar’s Preamble

Platform: Audible

Have you ever pondered over the visionary mind behind the Constitution’s preamble? This audiobook establishes Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s crucial role in crafting it. It sheds light on the six central concepts—justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, dignity, and nation—unveiling Ambedkar’s revolutionary political thought. It is an interesting and insightful listen to understand the foundational principles that shape the democratic fabric of India.

The Origin Story of India’s States

Platform: Audible

Deep dive into the roots of India’s political map with this on Audible. This meticulously researched audiobook explores the historical circumstances surrounding the birth of India’s states and union territories. It is a must-listen for those wanting a deeper understanding of how the geographical boundaries of modern India took shape, offering insights into the nation’s complex and interconnected history.

Long Story Short S1 and S2

Platform: Audible

Take a journey into India’s rich and unforgettable past with ‘Long Story Short.’ Each episode unveils lesser-known stories with lasting legacies, offering a unique perspective on our nation’s past. The stories will transport you to distant lands, making history come alive! It is the perfect podcast for those curious about untold tales that have shaped India’s diverse and remarkable cultural heritage.


Sardar Udham

Platform: Amazon Prime

Embark on an emotional journey as it unravels the heart-wrenching story of Udham Singh in the aftermath of the Jallianwala Bagh tragedy. Fleeing to the mountains of Afghanistan, he eventually finds himself in London, reigniting the flames of revolution. Udham Singh takes a historic step by assassinating Michael O’Dwyer, the influential figure at the helm of affairs in Punjab during the tragic events of April 1919. This film unfolds the powerful story of resilience, retribution, and the unwavering pursuit of justice.

Indian Police Force

Platform: Amazon Prime

Dive into the adrenaline-fueled world of the ‘Indian Police Force’, a riveting series crafted in, signature Rohit Shetty style. The series follows the relentless journey of Delhi Police Officer Kabir Malik as he confronts insidious adversary Zarar, who has chosen the path of terrorism. This high-octane cop drama unfolds a gripping tale  in the pursuit of justice and the sacrifices made in the line of duty. Make sure to add this electrifying experience to your must-watch list for an exhilarating ride through the challenges and triumphs of the law enforcement world.

Sam Bahadur

Platform: Zee 5

Directed by Meghna Gulzar, this Vicky Kaushal-starrer, chronicles the life of Sam Manekshaw, India’s first Field Marshal and most revered military figures. The film explores the highs and lows of Manekshaw’s career, offering a glimpse into the remarkable leadership that defined crucial moments in Indian military history. If you are interested in biographical films and the stories of iconic figures who shaped the destiny of a nation, this is for you. You can stream it on ZEE5 from January 26.

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