DUBAI EVENT: Rebirth in Water


After a stress-filled week, Dubai’s expats look forward to a weekend filled with community healing experience. This week ANQA is unveiling a Somatic Sound Experience to soothe the soul into sereneness … writes Soniya Kirpalani; Images: Santosh Rai

Stress levels in Dubai, particularly among expatriates, have shown significant concern, as a substantial 90.6% of expats in the UAE reported experiencing stress, markedly higher than the people in their home markets.

Fabian – International Water Healer

Despite the great facilities and lifestyle, the security and comforts of Dubai, and the competitiveness in professional environments is allegedly pressuring expats. This have intuitively given growth to a burgeoning wellness industry in keeping with global trends. As a hub for diverse nationalities and lifestyles it offers a diverse range of wellness-related services. This is supported by government-led health initiatives, has fueled this growth, making the wellness market, a key area of development within Dubai’s broader economic landscape.  ANQA is an app which invites some of the leading holistic wellness, experts to host this experiential, exclusive events to help reduce the stress levels of both local and expatriate communities.

Raya – Sound Healer

On May 11th 2024, Rosa Ayun, the founder of ANQA is hosting their pioneering full day transformational retreat titled Rebirth in Water: Somatic Water Therapy & Sound Meditation Retreat” at Rixos on the Palm, from 8:30 AM to 7.00PM.

Rosa Aygun

Inviting Dubaites into one of their premiere experiences, into the soothing depths of Group Water Therapy, this is a groundbreaking experience with renowned international water therapist, Fabian Carlos-Ghu. Supporting their transformation with an integrative lineup of holistic healers like Art Therapy by Faith, Nassib – Sound Healer & Alchemist, – Breathwork & Meditation with founder Rosa Aygun and Wave Motion Yoga expert Atul Verma Rajput. Besides these enriching activities, there are specially curated nourishing meals, and serene moments by the pool and beach at Rixos, Palm Jumeriah.

EVENT: Rebirth in Water: Somatic Water Therapy & Sound Meditation Retreat

VENUE: Rixos on the Palm, from 8:30 AM to 7.00PM.

DATE: May 11th 2024

FOR MORE DETAILS: Rosa Agyun . ANQA 0506442676

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