Sanjay Nigam Leads FEF to Empower Fashion Entrepreneurs Globally


The fund has garnered visibility and substantial support from influential successful business leaders across diverse sectors…reports Asian Lite News

Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF), a one-of-a-kind venture studio committed to nurturing creativity in the fashion industry, is offering a game-changing opportunity to fashion entrepreneurs to build self-sustaining businesses. With an initial investment of Rs 20 crores, FEF seeks to empower emerging talents through mentorship, networking, and financial backing.

Highlighting the role of FEF in the journey of aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, Sanjay Nigam, Founder of Fashion Entrepreneur Fund, stated, “FEF fosters a dynamic ecosystem for talent, mentorship, and networking in the fashion entrepreneurship universe. We are committed to shaping the future of fashion innovation and empowering individuals to showcase their creativity on a global scale.”

Nigam additionally emphasised the belief in the potency of groundbreaking concepts and enthusiasm to invest in the next generation of fashion startups and businesses, both in the existing as well as upcoming generations.

The fund has garnered visibility and substantial support from influential successful business leaders across diverse sectors.

Investors who recognise and support the vision of FEF include : 

Karan Johar (Renowned Indian film director and producer)

Vinod Dugar (Honorary Consul of Malawi and Co-Promoter of RDB Group)

Naveen Jindal (Chairman of Jindal Steel & Power Limited)

Sandeep Jain (Director of Vega Industries Pvt. Ltd.)

Gaurav Dalmia (Chairman of Dalmia Group Holdings.)

Sukhraj Nahar (Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of Nahar Group.)

Manju Yagnik (Vice-Chairperson of Nahar Group)

Sonali Dugar (Dugar Finance & Investments Limited)

Prithviraj Kothari (Managing Director of RiddhiSiddhi Bullion Ltd – RSBL.)

For fashion entrepreneurs seeking backing, guidance and support to navigate their aspirations, FEF serves as a dedicated partner in acknowledging the competitive landscape of the fashion industry.

The pre-registration is live on FEF’s official website, encouraging fashion innovators with promising concepts to pitch and secure the investment that can transform their visions into successful thriving businesses.  Pre-registration allows you to take your fashion startups to the next level.

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