Kremlin says no conditions exist for talks between Russia, Ukraine


Lukashenko stated that the Istanbul agreements, produced in 2022, may serve as a starting point for negotiations on resolving the conflict in Ukraine…reports Asian Lite News

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that no conditions exist for talks between Russia and Ukraine at this time, and Moscow’s military action continues in Kyiv, Russia-based TASS reported.

Speaking to reporters, Peskov said, “So far, at this moment, there are no premises for talks because everybody knows full well Ukraine’s stance on rejecting any kind of negotiations. So the special military operation continues.”

He stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s stance is “well known.” Peskov further said, “The last time he mentioned it during a conversation with [Belarusian] President [Alexander] Lukashenko.”

Asked whether the draft of the Istanbul agreement may serve as the foundation for talks with Kyiv, Dmitry Peskov said that the “Russian stance is consistent,” according to TASS report.

On April 11, Putin and Lukashenko held talks in the Kremlin, where the former stated that Russia had never rejected a peaceful resolution of arguments and has always called for resolving the conflict this way, as per the TASS report. Lukashenko stated that the Istanbul agreements, produced in 2022, may serve as a starting point for negotiations on resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

Amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, a spokesman for the pro-Russian underground resistance said that the Burshtyn thermal power plant in the Ivano-Frankovsk Region in western Ukraine, was hit in Russia’s overnight strike, TASS reported.

The spokesperson said, “Explosions in the Ivano-Frankovsk Region were registered in the town of Burshtyn. The town accommodates the Burshtyn thermal power plant. According to preliminary information, precisely the power plant was hit.”

He said that five missiles struck Dnepropetrovsk, and strong blow with the subsequent detonation was reported in Krivoi Rog. Most of the missiles struck Stryi town in Lvov region, TASS reported.

As per the news report, Tripolskaya thermal power plant was destroyed in the strike conducted by Russia on April 11. On April 11, Russian Defence Minister said that Russian troops had carried out a strike on Ukrainian fuel and energy facilities in retaliation to Ukraine’s attempts to damage Russia’s oil and gas industry sites.

Earlier, Russia said that it will take necessary measures to ensure its security if Poland deploys nuclear weapons, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said earlier on Monday that Poland is ready to host US nuclear weapons in the country, according to media reports. Peskov added the Russian military would analyse the situation if such an action were implemented.

“I think, in any case, they will take all the necessary response steps to guarantee our security.” Under the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s (NATO) nuclear sharing scheme, the US is authorised to station its nuclear armaments within the territories of member states that do not possess them.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in October 2023 that Russia would be forced to resort to “compensatory measures” in response to the US deployment of nuclear weapons in Europe.

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