‘We must start with fixing the immediate crisis in Gaza’


Gaza, designated as Occupied Palestinian Territory, holds significant importance in the establishment of a future Palestinian state…reports Asian Lite News

UK Ambassador to UN Barbara Woodward emphasised the urgency of addressing the immediate crisis in Gaza as a crucial step towards progress in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The United Kingdom reiterated its unwavering commitment to advancing towards a two-state solution, fostering a scenario where a secure Israel coexists harmoniously with a sovereign, viable Palestinian state.

In a recent UN Security Council meeting, Ambassador Woodward underscored the importance of offering the people of the West Bank and Gaza a credible path towards a Palestinian state and a promising future, stressing the necessity for irreversible measures. While acknowledging that the recognition of Palestinian statehood is pivotal, the UK emphasized that such recognition should not mark the beginning nor the end of the peace process but rather be integrated into the broader framework of progress.

Gaza, designated as Occupied Palestinian Territory, holds significant importance in the establishment of a future Palestinian state. However, challenges persist as Hamas maintains control over parts of Gaza, and Israeli hostages remain in captivity, indicating that the journey towards lasting peace is still at its nascent stage.

The UK asserted that ensuring Hamas relinquishes control over Gaza and dismantling its capacity to launch attacks against Israel are indispensable steps towards achieving sustainable peace. Additionally, collaborating to bolster the new Palestinian government’s efforts in implementing reforms and resuming governance in both Gaza and the West Bank is deemed crucial.

The UK’s abstention on the resolution underscores the imperative of focusing efforts on securing an immediate pause to facilitate aid delivery and hostage release. The aim is to pave the way for progress towards a sustainable ceasefire, averting further destruction, conflict, and loss of life.

Highlighting diplomatic efforts, the UK revealed that its Foreign Secretary recently visited Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories to extend support towards these objectives. The UK affirmed its commitment to urgently fostering peace and catalyzing a political process aimed at achieving a two-state solution that ensures justice and security for both Israelis and Palestinians.

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