BJP has been wiped out in Bihar, says Tejashwi Yadav


Under the INDIA alliance agreement in Bihar, the RJD is vying for 26 seats, Congress for nine, and the Left parties for the remaining five out of the state’s 40 Lok Sabha constituencies…reports Asian Lite News

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav on Monday, declared that the BJP has been eliminated in Bihar and that the INDIA alliance is securing a significant victory in the elections. He asserted that the INDIA alliance government will be established this time, backed by strong public support.

“BJP has been wiped out in Bihar and we are winning the elections in Bihar with a good margin. This time the INDIA alliance government is going to be formed. We have full public support”.

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi along with RJD Leader Tejashwi Yadav participated in a public rally in Bihar’s Bakhtiyarpur on Monday.

Speaking at the rally Tejashwi Yadav alleged that investigative agencies like the CBI and the ED were toys in the hands of the PM.

“Prime Minister Modi is threatening to send me to jail by giving a date. The Prime Minister’s threat to send opposition leaders to jail has made it clear that investigative agencies like:- CBI and ED are Modi ji’s toys. Narendra Modi takes action against opposition leaders due to political malice and resistance,” he said.

In response to Bihar Deputy CM Samrat Chaudhary’s remark calling Rahul Gandhi a “Bhrashtachariyo ke Raja,” Tejaswi stated, “Elections should be contested properly, and such statements should not be made. They are making these comments because they are losing the elections.”

On Rahul Gandhi’s Patna visit, Bihar Deputy CM Samrat Chaudhary had said, “The manner in which the family of Lalu Prasad Yadav is making noise, it clearly shows that all these people are corrupt. “Bhrashtachariyo Ka Raja” (leader of the corrupt) is coming from Delhi, under whose leadership corruption is happening in the entire nation…In the past 55 years, the Congress party has looted the nation”.

Under the INDIA alliance agreement in Bihar, the RJD is vying for 26 seats, Congress for nine, and the Left parties for the remaining five out of the state’s 40 Lok Sabha constituencies.

While, in the NDA, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will contest on 17 seats, Janata Dal-United (JDU) on 16 seats, Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) (Ram Vilas) on 5 seats, Hindustani Awam Morcha and Rashtriya Lok Morcha on one seat each in 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Elections in Bihar are contested in all seven phases. With 40 Lok Sabha constituencies, the fourth highest among all States and Union Territories, Bihar holds a crucial position in shaping Indian politics. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the NDA, consisting of BJP, JDU ( (Janata Dal-United), and LJP (Lok Janshakti Party), secured victory by taking the lead on 39 out of 40 seats. Meanwhile, the Mahagathbandhan, led by RJD (Rashtriya Janata Dal), INC (Indian National Congress), and RLSP (Rashtriya Lok Samta Party), only managed to secure one seat. (ANI)

RJD’s Manoj Jha attacks Modi

Targeting Prime Minister Modi over his remark that the INDIA bloc is receiving support from Pakistan, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MP Manoj Jha on Monday said that the world has never seen such a person who crosses all limits of foul language.

Speaking to ANI Jha alleged that nothing comes out of the mouth of the Prime Minister regarding China.

“Prime Minister was talking about “Mangalsutra”, “Mujra”, now Pakistan has also arrived. What type of person are you? You contest elections here. You should speak on jobs and economic and social justice. What can I say about someone whose tongue utters a word like Mujra? What language are you using? Democracy is a thing of collectivity. Nothing comes out of your mouth regarding China,” he said.

“The world has never seen such a person who crosses all limits of foul language,” Jha added.

Further, the RJD MP mentioned that the INDIA bloc will hold a meeting on June 1, before the announcement of the results of the Lok Sabha polls.

“We will discuss every point related to the counting of votes. There will be a discussion on different issues,” Manoj Jha said.

Earlier, accusing the INDIA bloc of receiving support from Pakistan and jihadis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday claimed that prayers are being read in Pakistan for the Samajwadi Party and the Congress who are appealing for “vote jihad” here.

“In Pakistan, ‘duas’ (prayers) are being made for the INDI alliance of Samajwadi Party and Congress. Jihadis from across borders supporting SP and Congress; these parties are appealing for ‘vote jihad’ here,” PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister gathered wide criticism from the opposition leaders over his ‘Mujra’ remark on the INDIA bloc.

“For Modi, Constitution is supreme, for Modi, Babasaheb Ambedkar’s sentiments are supreme… if the INDI alliance wants to accept the servitude of their vote bank, they are free to do so…if they want to perform ‘Mujra’ (dance), they are free to do… I will still stand with the SC, ST, and OBC reservation staunchly,” PM Modi said. (ANI)

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