Kerala initiates legal action over smear campaign against state


The Kerala government has initiated legal action against an allegedly fake communal narrative on social media against the state….reports Asian Lite News

Kerala Education Minister V. Sivankutty on Thursday filed a complaint with the state police chief against a social media account on the X platform with the name of ‘Mr Sinha’.

Sivankutty expressed anger as it shows a Kerala school text book which according to the person’s (Mr Sinha) post is meant to cause huge resentment in the society.

Sivankutty took to his X platform and wrote, “This book is not published by the Kerala Govt’s Education Dept. Merely another endeavor to incite animosity towards the state. Those acquainted with us understand the camaraderie & unity among Keralites. No room for hatred – precisely why communal agenda fails to take root here,”.

Sivankutty in his complaint has asked the police to ensure that steps are taken to see the post is deleted and appropriate action is taken against the creator of it.

Graph is down for BJP: Isaac

Former Finance Minister of Kerala and CPI-M candidate from Pathanamthitta Lok Sabha seat, Thomas Isaac took a jibe at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP government and said that in Kerala, “people want Modi to be out” and that the “graph was down” for the BJP in the state.

While speaking to ANI, the CPI(M) candidate said, “In Kerala, people want Modi to be out. The choice is between Congress and CPM. BJP had around more than 20 per cent of the votes in the last parliament elections but the vote share came down sharply to 16 per cent in the assembly elections. I think the graph is down for the party.”

He further said that Prime Minister Modi’s claim of winning in “double digits” from Kerala was the biggest joke and that if he were to win in double digits, it would be winning in “two zeros.”

“It includes a double-digit seat from Kerala (BJP’s claim of 400 plus). Including Kerala is the biggest joke for the PM to come and make a claim. He should announce something like this in North India rather than come to Kerala and say, he will win two zeros (in Kerala),” said Isaac.

Thomas Isaac further said that the Communist Party of India (Marxist) would win the polls by a huge margin and said, “In Kerala in 2004, not a single Congress candidate was selected for the parliament. It is unlikely that we win 18 seats this time but it is sure that we will win a big majority of seats in Kerala.”

When asked about Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s statement on CAA, the CPI-M candidate said, “CAA is a serious issue in Kerala, the Muslim community and democratic-minded people are concerned about it. This has been a very serious problem for Congress, they have not outrightly said that they will withdraw CAA once they come to power. But we have taken the position.”

Isaac also spoke about the controversial movie, the Kerala Story, “Inter-religious marriages will continue to take place in Kerala, inter-caste marriage was one of the key slogans of social movements in Kerala and it’s misleading to call it ‘Love-Jihad’. These are the slogans raised to create ill will between the social groups in Kerala.”

Earlier on Thursday, Anto Antony, Congress leader and United Democratic Front (UDF) candidate from Pathanamthitta Lok Sabha constituency expressed confidence in retaining his seat while claiming that there is no scope for Bharatiya Janata Party or its candidate Anil Antony in the upcoming elections.

“There is no space for BJP here, the fight here is between LDF and UDF. BJP is only a small front, they did not get anything from Kerala. Anil Antony contesting as a candidate of BJP. People do not believe in BJP here. They are very secular They live a life of comradeship. That’s why they do not believe in BJP. There is no scope for Anil Antony,” Anto Antony told ANI on Thursday as he seeks a fourth term from the seat.

Pathanamthitta Lok Sabha constituency, which is traditionally a UDF stronghold voted for Anto Antony thrice since 2009 Lok Sabha elections.

While BJP has fielded Congress defector Anil K Antony against Anto Antony, the ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist) has fielded former minister and veteran leader Thomas Isaac from the seat.

All 20 Lok Sabha constituencies in Kerala will go to the polls on April 26.

During the 2019 general elections, the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) won 19 of the 20 seats. Of these, 15 seats were taken by the Congress, while the rest were won by other UDF members.

The election for 543 Lok Sabha seats will be held in seven phases starting April 19. Nearly 96.8 crore people are eligible to cast their votes in the upcoming polls at over 12 lakh polling stations. The counting of votes will take place on June 4. (IANS/ANI)

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