SC Pulls Up Centre on Permanent Commission For Women in ICG


The Attorney General informed the bench about an Indian Coast Guard board addressing pertinent issues…reports Asian Lite News

The Supreme Court, affirming women’s inclusion, directed the Centre to ensure permanent commission for women in the Indian Coast Guard, warning intervention if necessary. Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud, alongside Justices J B Pardiwala and Manoj Misra, dismissed operational challenges cited by Attorney General R Venkataramani, emphasizing the inadequacy of such arguments in 2024. “Women cannot be left out. If you do not do it, we will do it,” remarked the CJI.

The Attorney General informed the bench about an Indian Coast Guard board addressing pertinent issues. Asserting the necessity of women’s inclusion, the bench scheduled further proceedings for Friday due to time constraints. Earlier, the bench stressed the need for a fair policy within the maritime force, questioning the persistence of patriarchal attitudes despite prior judgments favoring permanent commission for women in the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

The bench challenged the patriarchal stance, urging the Indian Coast Guard to adopt a more inclusive approach. It questioned why only one Short Service Commission woman officer, Priyanka Tyagi, pursued permanent commission, highlighting the need for her case’s consideration. The court reiterated the imperative for a comprehensive policy from the Coast Guard.

Previously, the bench requested a review of judgments granting permanent commissions in other defence services. It probed the Coast Guard’s provision for permanent commissions, questioning the rationale behind a mere 10% allocation for women officers. The court demanded parity with the Indian Navy’s policy and directed the Centre to formulate a gender-neutral policy.

In a plea filed by Priyanka Tyagi, the Supreme Court championed gender equality, urging the Coast Guard to address the disparity. The bench highlighted the solitary case of Tyagi pursuing permanent commission, underscoring the need for broader policy reform within the Coast Guard. It reiterated the imperative of a gender-neutral approach, aligned with judgments in other defence services.

The court’s stance underscores a commitment to gender equality within the armed forces, advocating for policies that accommodate women’s participation on equal footing. It emphasizes the judiciary’s role in ensuring equitable opportunities, signaling a pivotal moment in advancing gender parity within India’s defence institutions.

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